26" Nimbus Muni

Hello and thank you for reading my post.

I have two unicycles that I’m willing to sell for a good price, reason being I can use money for a car and I’m thinking about buying a 29er.

This is a 26" Nimbus Muni. It is silver and black.

Square-tapered hub
Good condition (4 out of 5, normal wear)

I’m fairly active, so PM or reply will work
Please ask any questions

Will ship
Pick-up preferred
I live in Michigan

I’m interested. can you post or send me a picture of it and how much are you looking to get for it?

Didn’t you just buy this from Hydrophidian?

From this thread: Nimbus 26" Muni

Yes, and basically nothing has changed since he took those pictures.

Pictures are coming

interested. how much do you want for it?


It looks just like this. Flat top, same colors. Except it has Venture cranks rather than factory ones. Except it’s the model from like 6 years ago.

I’m working on setting up the latest version of Skype so I can take pics with my webcam (only camera I have).

Make an offer :slight_smile:

150 + shipping?

Hi, what is your zip code?

pm sent… I think. i don’t know if it sent.


OK, let me figure out the package specs and get back to you.


Pictures at last

Picture of me 1.png

Picture of me 2.png

Picture of me 3.png

Picture of me 4.png

Picture of me 5.png

200 bucks, anyone?

Muni for sale

bump. 200 bucks for

26 inch nimbus mountain uni
a cruiser tire (on it) plus a 3 inch off-road tire
new venture cranks
great tread on both tires and the uni is solid

will ship

I don’t Muni much and I need some help to get a smartphone
let me know if there’s anything i can do for you just pm me

Bump. I bought this from Wanderling in Jan and it’s been a great ride, but I just bought a new Nimbus 2 29er. The uni I’m selling is the same as shown, but it now has a new Tioga 2.30 Psycho Genius tire on it.

175 including shipping in the continental US seems fair to me.