26" Nimbus muni

unicycle.com is out and won’t get more in until the winter. Anyone looking to offload one?

I’ve got an older one that I was thinking about selling. Square tapered hub, not isis. It’s got brand new 150mm Nimbus Venture cranks on it. I’ve got a pretty well worn Duro Leopard tire and a Berm Master 2.3" cruiser style tire.

I’m thinking $175 shipped.

Thanks for the offer, I’m a bit shy on the square tapered hub. I did bend a crank back in the day.

Bending a crank doesn’t have anything to do with it being a square tapered hub, that’s a crank issue. I personally don’t have any square taper muni’s, but people have and do ride muni on square tapers

I agree. I am 6’5" and weigh 240lbs and I ride it daily with no issues. Yeah, ISIS is stronger but, square tapered doesn’t necessarily mean it’s weak. Plus, like I said, the cranks are brand new.

Eh, you either want it or you don’t. If you don’t like ST hubs/cranks, that’s your thing and that’s cool. Good luck on your search.


It was more of an indication that I’ve rode a bit rough in the past, so I’d need something more durable. Most things I’ve read indicate ISIS is more durable, so I guess I was looking for that. I’ve also read that the ST hubs are harder to maintain… I wouldn’t know.

I’ve owned three ST hubs, three ISIS hubs and, two splined hubs. Honestly, the only one that ever really gave me any real issues was one of the splined hubs(Torker DX 24"). Beyond that, I think that as long as you’re not intentionally rough on your equipment, it should be pretty dependable. I also understand that, multiple high level drops and impacts are going to take their toll on any unicycle, regardless of hub style. So, the lesson for me is that, one needs to understand that unicycles are just simple machines and, repeated abuse will wear down and eventually break them. All simple machines have limitations. No unicycle is “unbreakable”. Under the proper(or improper) conditions, any unicycle or unicycle part can and will break. That being said, wanting to obtain one that’s “better” or, “more durable” is an obvious goal. I’m just not convinced that there’s as much of a quality difference between ST and ISIS as most folks think. There is a difference but, I just don’t think it’s that great of a gap. And that’s based on my trail riding of this ST Muni(jumps, drops, rough stuff) at my size(6’5" 240lbs) with nearly no creaking and absolutely no breakage of the wheel(I actually broke the stiffener plate on the saddle last week).

Okay, threadjack rant over. Seriously, best of luck on your search.

I’ve got one now, so this thread can be closed. Thanks all!

hydrophidian, glad to see you were able to sell yours as well.