26" Nimbus II vs. 26" Club Uni + better saddle/cranks/crank puller

Hey everyone. I’m really torn between purchasing a 26" Nimbus II ($290) or a 26" Club Uni with the purchase of a better saddle (KH Freeride or Naomi Impact) plus three pairs of cheap $10 cranks as well as a crank puller, which would add up to about $265.50. The issue is that I’m at a budget of $300 :frowning: I’ve been practicing on a 20" Club Uni, but it’s borrowed so I have to return it and want to get my own soon. I’m looking to ride in a suburban environment as well as some trails/light muni. So I was wondering what to do?

How about the nimbus2 uni and get a set of shorter cranks, maybe 125 or 100
exactly $300
I am not sure how uncomfortable the nimbus standard saddle is though or how the club 26" quality compares
I believe that a 26" wheel would be a nice compromise if its the only uni you will ever have…

just searched for uni’s under $300, http://www.allunicycles.com/unicycles/mountain-unicycles/nimbus24inchmountainunicyclewithisishuborange.cfm#pr-header-UNC012
The site also gives free shipping for everything, though this wouldn’t be good for sidewalk/road use

I have the 20" Nimbus II and hope to buy the 26" soon. The saddle supplied with my 20" is a Nimbus Gel and is very comfortable (as far as a uni saddle can be).

What about in terms of wheel comparison? Is there much difference between the club wheel and nimbus wheel?

That is where the biggest difference is. On the club the rim is single wall, but the nimbus rim is double wall. The hub on the nimbus is ISIS (way stronger than square taper) while the hub on the club is square taper.

Right. So I’m assuming that in terms of quality and endurance the Nimbus would be a better choice over the Club Uni, regardless of the additions?

Yes, unless you intend to swap all the parts but the spokes for better ones on the club, the nimbus would still be better.

Yeah, I think my best bet would be to get the Nimbus.