26" Muni

I was thinking of getting the Nimbus 24" MUni, but it is out of stock until August. The 26" is in stock, but I was wondering if there would be any significant disadvantages (or advantages) to getting the 26" as opposed to the 24."


What type of riding do you plan on doing?

The 24" wheel is more maneuverable and is better for tight and technical trails. The 24" wheel is also stronger so it’s better for drops, but the Nimbus doesn’t have a splined hub so it’s not the uni to be doing big drops with.

The 26" is good for getting a little bit more speed on the trails. If you’re going to be riding it like an XC bike or all mountain bike then the 26" is a good choice. If you’re going to be riding it like a freeride bike and doing some trials style jumping then the 24" is better.

A fat tire 26" wheel is fun on XC trails.

I just switched to a 26x2.6 with my large marge and I love it for fast, twisty trails, as long as they arnt too steep or rocky. Actually, this weekend in south dakota I got two flats. Im running a really thin tube, a pretty thin tire, and a really wide rim though, so it’s not too suprising. But whenever there’s the possibility of trials on the trail, I dont mind having a 24". Also, on group rides with my 26 I tend to get a bit far ahead. well, that’s what I got.

I’ve got both the 24" and 26". But got to say that i love the 26", and 99% of the time i’ll be riding it. It’s fast, and with practice, it’s as maneuverable as a 24". I use the 26" for trials as well. :slight_smile: