26" muni


Just like the title says. I want a 26" rig that can handle some serious muni! I have plenty of fun on my 29", but I want something a bit more manageable for technical trails. Show me what you’ve got!

I suppose I should mention that price isn’t an issue for the right ride, so long as I can afford it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, I’m lookin to spend $600 max. Though for that price it’s gotta be a shiny deal. Whyyy oh why do the KH26 have to be out of stock on udc:(

What about this…looks pretty sweet anything over $300 is free shipping http://www.unicycle.com/hot-products/nimbus-26inch-oracle-mountain-unicycle.html/

I was lookin at that the other night, it definitely does look like a pretty sweet ride. I have never ridden a uni with a brake before, looks kinda heavy. The site says it’s 15 1/2 lbs. with the brake though, not too bad…

Plus, if I get that, then I can go with the 137/165 KH cranks which would be nice to have in addition to the 125/150s I have on my 29". Hmmm… Tempting… Thanks for the suggestion

According to UDC.uk’s listings, the Oracle frame is actually lighter than the KH 26 frame (602g vs 685g), though the rim is a bit heavier than the KH (796g vs 700g). Switching out the heavy 3" tire for something in the 2.4-2.6 range would save almost a pound.

If you’re not dead set on a KH26, the Oracle is a great choice and I think well worth the extra $100.

Looks like http://www.allunicycles.com has a KH26 in stock. I got one there a few weeks ago. The description say it comes with a WTB Stout 26x2.3 but mine came with a Maxxis Argent 2.4.

Correction- Ardent 26x2.6

Thank you very much for this link! I just placed an order for a KH26 and a pump from there. Much obliged!