26 MUni

I am wanting a 26 MUni. Brands: Nimbus 26 with Magnura mounts, QuAX 26 MUni, Koxx Track Monster, Or KH 26 2nd year production. Needs to be ISIS and accomodate a 3in wide tire. needs to be complete.

Also needs to have a good tire and a nice seat

I have nothing to do with this but I saw this on Craigslist http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/bik/2355087885.html I don’t know if it’s ISIS or if the dude would ship but the tire looks like it’s alright.

why not just get one of the nimbus 26ers on udc?

360 with what I want on it

got 1 week to a month for offers

before you explode?

darn dont curse me