26 Muni tyre size

Hi all

I have been riding a Maxxis High roller 26 x 2.5 tyre for nearly a year now. I mainly ride single track bike trails in Plantations (quite muddy and with plenty of roots). No rocks, big drops or anything like that.

I can see that at the moment most brand new 26 Munis come with big tyres (Nimbus, KH…)

I am wondering if it is worth trying a bigger volume tyre like a 26x2.75 (thinking of Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75 27tpi which I read in this forum is quite similar to a High Roller 26 X 2.75). My current tyre is still in very good condition (don’t use it on pavement… it doesn’t seem to wear off!) so I don’t really need a new tyre as yet.

My frame is an old Quax so I don’t think a can fit a 3’ tyre without upgrading (based in previous advice on this forum a 26x2.75 tyre is probably as big as I can go with my current set up.)

Have never tried anything bigger than a 26x2.5 tyre so not sure what to expect. I’ve got the feeling that for rougher sections (with very uneven surface/roots etc) the 2.75 will make for a smoother ride but at the same time, overall, it might just make the unicycle less agile (I am guessing a wider tyre equals more effort to turn/switch directions etc…).

I think weight wise both tyres (Maxxis High roller 26x2.5 and the Dirt Wizard 26x2.75 27tpi) are quite similar (around 1100 grams or so?).

I know I should just buy it and see how it goes but I am curious to know what people’s experience are about riding a 2.5’ tyre versus riding a 2.75’ tyre specially if you are not doing big drops etc… where a bigger tyre would help…



I have a 24x3", a 29x2.4", and a 26x4" the latter two are essentially the same diameter

Float is a good thing in my book. Especially if it’s the same weight. I think you nailed it with your tradeoff. Fat = smooth, skinny = agile.

I run my 2.4 at a relatively low pressure and have a fusion freeride saddle to soak up some of the vibrations, and that works quite well. The very large tire (3.8 Larry) I’m running has a lot of what I call “straight-suck” where it feels unwieldy to ride around hairpins if you don’t know how to throw your weight around, but I don’t think that’s an issue with tires like the Nate that have larger knobs. I ride both on the same trails.

If it’s mud and roots, my preference would be towards a larger tire.

Thanks for the detailed info juggleaddict. :slight_smile:

I think I will have to give the 26x27.5 a try sooner rather than later. Sounds tempting, specially the extra cushioning (at the moment my back/neck is playing up from an fall/injury a few months ago so that bit ‘extra’ should help …)