26" MUni tire Tioga Factory DH 2.3 (rear)

I put this tire on my 26" Bedford MUni, said to hold a 2.6 tire (although we know how tire widths have no real meaning…what with all the different companies’ measuring techniques)

It’s a DH bike tire, and not only does it go perfectly with MUni, it fills up the Bedford frame perfectly.

(my cloth tape measure technique sees the top of the tread is the claimed 2.3", and the inside of the Uni legs is 2.7, and the tread extends 2" over the top of the rim)

I have ridden this on my bike (BIKE!!!) and it lasts a very long time…time will tell on how long for MUni, but I know I won’t be dissapointed.

The grip is incredible. The ride I just came back from was 60% mud, 40% wet hardpack under a cover of wet leaves. The traction is great, and the mudd shedding is good. The mud was very sticky, and I didn’t seem to have too much weighing me down, or ruining my grip.

It’s a kevlar bead tire (foldable) and it isn’t too heavy, although it’s no lightweight either.

For a frame that can’t fit a 3" tire, I think this would be a great choice for anybody. 100% Sofa recommended!

bedford-tiogadh2.3 clearance.jpg


Can you post a pix of the profile on that tire? (view so we can see the sidewall) Thanks


That’s not rust, it’s a flash reflection of some sort

uni tire profile.jpg

And another view

uni tire profile2.jpg