26" Muni set up

Just made my 2005 KH 29 into a 26( I think its a 2005, the first year they were blue?). I used an old Monty 26" trials rim and a old 2.5 Michelin dh tire. Also running 150mm cranks. Faster than a 24 and tougher than a 29. So far so good. I was wondering what other set ups people are running. Tires,crank length, and so on. Thanks.

Top to bottom:

2006 KH saddle, modified foam, double stiffener plate

Generic 25.4mm ChroMo post

Torker DX double bolt clamp

Yuni 26" Muni frame powder-coated black (the only original part left)

Nimbus ISIS hub

Echo 160mm cranks

SNAFU pedals

14g DT Swiss spokes

Echo 46mm rear trials rim

26x3 Gazzalodi tire

26x3 downhill tube

I have another wheel I put on for cruising around town

Original wheel (UDC square taper hub, Alex DX32 rim)

aluminum cranks (I think I have Qu-ax 114s on there right now, I also have 150s, 125s, 102s and I think 89s somewhere but I don’t know if I will ever use them)

snafu pedals (I got a bunch on sale)

26x2.5 Maxxis Hookworm

bike saddle and long handlebar

In road mode it really goes but is not really that comparable to a 36er. This setup does make me want to go geared though.

Things I would like to change.

I now want a wider rim for my MUni setup. It is pertnear perfect for summer but needs a bit more stability for low pressure winter riding. I am thinking of going with the 70mm rim from speedway.

A geared 26 would be awesome, I would use the current echo rim with a geared hub matched with a smaller lighter tire, maybe the Stout. Stick a short to mid-length handle on there and a brake and you are good to go for fast flowy XC Muni. If I was not paying off debt I would be doing it already.

I would also like to upgrade from the snafus, they aren’t bad but I would like something lighter, flatter and grippier.

edit: another thing I would like to try is the lightweight 26x3" tube from schwalbe.

my setup:

KH fusion saddle with a carbon plate from axel ( usename: akaestle)
KH or Pit Fighter seatpost
surly one bolt clamp
surly 26" frame
KH Titan hub
14g spokes
Large marge rim
KH dual Moment cranks 150mm 125mm drilled out
wellgo MG1 titan pedals
Gazza 3" or endomorph tire

pics in my albums

Hey Eric,
i ride a large marge rim and like it very much but what´s aspeedway rim :thinking: can you post a link or so :thinking:

i use only ordenary 24" x 2.25" mtb tubes in my 26" x 3" large marge gazza combination (arround 170g). just pump it up in an old 3" tire over night to enlarge a bit and then it works perfect.:wink:

Full KH 26" with 3.0 Wildlife Duro tire.
125/150 Dual Moments, yellow Quax MG-1 pedals, Magura HS33

That thing is a beast. Nearly the same weight as my 24" KH before, but it feels faster and easier to turn (sounds weird, but thats my feeling). I love it.

UDC Carbon Seat Base
2009 KH Freeride Foam and Cover
KH Grab handle and bumper
Thompson Post with KH Railess Mounting Plate
Sala Clamp
Pride Ti Frame
Magura Brakes, steel braided lines
KH Ti Hub
KH 165mm Moments
Oddyssey Nylon Pedal
Koxx Try ALL 47mm Drilled Rim
14 ga spokes
Maxxis Minion DH 2.7
Maxxis HD Tube

Here is a link to Speedway Cycles, they are a bike shop in Alaska that makes custom fat bikes. The rims are a bit pricey and arguably not as strong as a LM but a whole lot lighter and a bit wider.

What can I say I lurk on fatbike forums. I really want one but unicycles really are a whole lot cheaper.

I have tried the standard tubes in my 26x3 and it feels fine at higher pressures but it just doesn’t have the same feel at the lower mushy pressures in my opinion.

Curse you Saskatchewanian - I am a cycle junkie but had previously not seen that web site, and now I must have a fatbike! Too many cycles on my “must buy” list already! :smiley:

So I take it a larger tired unicycle/bike rides better in sand? Does this include loose sand?

my 26er specs:
2008 kh street saddle
Chromo post
Nimbus qr seatclamp (ugly little thing, but it’s not too heavy, and it does the job)
Nimbus II frame (metallic green)
Nimbus isis hub
Usa brand spokes w/ green nipples
Nimbus rim (sent the first one back, not impressed w/ their quality standards)
150mm Nimbus Venture cranks
Tioga factory 2.3

This setup is pretty darn light for how strong it is!

I’m used to the ventures now, and they’re light, but the sharp bevel on the outside of the crank is really easy to get your heel caught up on in extremely rocky or slippery conditions. The other problem is that they have no offset like the moments do, so that square face on the crank is a real prob. I would definitely go back to dual hole moments (125,150s). I use the 125 hole offroad suprisingly often.
I may replace the frame with one of the newer ones that have brake mounts, and add a brake. It took me a while to get used to riding brakeless again, and I use the brake on my 29er a lot. I’d like to get a better, lighter quick release at some point, but this one does the job. I might upgrade to a wider rim, probably something in the 47-50mm range, drilled to save weight. I was planning on custom drilling the nimbus rim when I got it, but I wanted to really be able to beat it without worrying about it tacoing. I would also like to try the tioga factory dh 2.5 and the tioga white tiger 2.5. I’m guessing they’ll be pretty close in size to most of the so-called 3inch tires.

WHERE is this available? :thinking:

municycle.com in germany. Even it is not on their website, I have just bought one.

It’s on their site now. Also the new Qu-ax alu frames and the new KH and nimbus seats and some other stuff.

Too late to edit, but I forgot to add my specs.

my favorite ride:

KH26 frame
KH/Schlumpf geared hub
KH Dual Hole Moments 150/125
KH T-Bar with some other bar ends and BBB grips & extra foam
KH Fusion Freeride 09 seat with 07 cover (I prefer the leather top)
KH stiffener plate
KH unadjustable seat post (older model)
KH single bolt clamp
KH Spooner
Magura HS33
Nokian Gazzaloddi 26x3
Schwalbe 26x3 inner tube
TryAll 26"x47mm rim
custom rim tape (just some thick black sticky tape)
Odyssey Twisted PCs
14G spokes
Widek compass bell
Sigma BC1606L speedometer
total weight: about 8Kg

My other 26er:

carbon fiber 26" frame by Roger Davies
Nimbus Gel Seat (07?)
aluminum seat post
single bolt clamp
thin alu rim
Suzue hub square tapered
Qu-ax alu cranks 114mm
Odyssey Twisted PCs
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26x2,35 wire
some inner tube
14G spokes
5 alu bolts
total weight: 4,25Kg

I’m getting some Torker 152mm alu cranks for this one

These are two very different 26ers.

I bought all parts from Roland (municycle.com). So i guess every UDC should have it.

At first Roland only had the first generation 26" frame and the rim, i ordered a wheelbuild with a old 07 hub (cause of the price).
My first tire was the Maxxis Advantage 2.25. I rode a 24 hour XC race with it and already loved it.
Then after Kris released the second generation (suitable for 3.0 tires) i sold my “old” frame and got the new one and a new tire.

Right after did the first testride with the 3.0 tire i sold my 24" KH :smiley: Cause IMO the 26 is way better and feels nicer for DH. Landing after drops feels “softer” it rolls over more curbs and stuff like that.

So why isn’t there a KH 26 available anywhere? At least I can’t find it. Do you know if Kris is planning to add a 26" MUni to his line up anytime soon?

At UDC NZ there is http://www.unicycle.co.nz/shop/unicycle/mountain/KH26-ISIS


Interesting. I wonder why it’s not available on udc US. Anyway, I don’t think I’d go for it in the current configuration; the frame is designed to only take a max tire width of 2.5", and is said to be best for DH and rolling MUni, but not for hardcore use like big drops. If KH came out with a 26er that would take a 65mm large marge and 3" wide tire, I’d snap one up!

The current KH26 frame fits a 3" tire, as for the Large Marge I think you’ll have to fit it with brake adapters like the ones you have on your KH24.
From the 2010 lineup thread:
“KH26 (assembled) is now available: Specs are the same as the KH29 (including Stout tire & wide rim), but with 150 mm single hole cranks. All KH26 frames delivered after September 2009 fit a 26x3” tire. The KH26, in my opinion, is also one of the most versatile setups for a geared muni.” -danger_uni (aka: Kris Holm).

Its available on UDC US now. And it will fit your three inch tire. :smiley: Not sure about the rim though.

Someone has posted a picture.