26" Muni plans!

Iam planning on turning my Muni (24") into a 26"er. Iam going to moab though and going to ride a 26" Mun to see if i like it, if not these plans are going into the garbage!

Ok does this sound good?

707gram- KH 29" frame
1200gram- KH hub with 140mm cranks
770gram- DX32 rim (but i might go with a white Halo Combat rim)
785gram- Kenda Kinetics tire
290gram- KH traditional seat post
890gram- KH gel seat
450gram- jimmy c. pedals

This is without spokes though

  [B]   Total 26" Muni weight = 5,099 grams [/B]

Heres the real suprise this is my setup right now,a 24" KH muni

679gram- KH 05 frame
1200gram- KH 140mm hub and cranks 05
492gram- KH rim 42.2 mm wide
1475gram- Gazz tire (the mother load)
290gram- Kh traditional seat post
890gram- KH gel seat
450gram- Jimmy c’s (pedals)

Without spokes

        [B] Total 24" Muni weight = a wopping 5,476 grams[/B]

yea my muni is very light right now…so the 26" is going to feel weird because it bigger but lighter!

I could easily make my 24" lighter than a 26" but i wouldn’t want to change my setup because i like it how it is!

iam getting into longer rides now so i want a bigger wheel! I might just keep my 24" and start from scratch and make a 26".

its that gazz you got on your 24" that wieghs it down. that kenda is pretty good but i do prefer the gazz. but that 26" is mad light…most trials unis weigh more than that.

140mm cranks are going to be kind of sketchy on a 26" MUni, if you’re doing steep or technical stuff. For cross-country they would be fine.

Dude that’s way too heavy. You’re going to leave a huge rut in the ground whenever you ride and that’ll ruin the trail… not to mention the fact that YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO HOP AT ALL! :roll_eyes:

name a 26" Muni lighter than that’s actually descent.

i have 165’s too though if want to switch’m out

yea that gazz is a heavy mofo, if i switched that out my 24" would be crazy light!

the only things i dont like about a 26" is i probably wont be able to glide (especially with that 29" frame), or do trials with it to great. All the other parts of a 26" are nice though. I can get so many more tires than on my 24", and long distance rides (somthing iam doing alot more) will be great!

I’m sure you know, but he was being sarcastic.

No i didn’t know…lol…hmm, i must be getting tired Pfft…

You should try the halo contra 3" tire its there version of the gass 3" with a more round profile the bead is got a better fit lock system with a bead of rubber to protect the rim from low pressure pinches, not sure of the weight thought.

where can i see this Halo Contra 3"?

if you’re trying to build up a real light set-up, i’d suggest running a bike trials rim. Something drilled out. These are strong, and light rims. I think the lightest i’ve seens is around 550 - 600g. I forget where though.

here’s some links, the echo rim looks good, and it’s pretty cheap… and 48mm wide!




those are fine rims, but the echo only had 20" didn’t it? And the other was a 32 hole rim, i need 36 hole. I liked those rims though.

What spoke “pattern” do u think i should do if this 26" uni happens? 4 cross?

sounds good. those cranks are going to be really small on a 26. especially at moab.

yea im not going to have it at moab, iam going to ride on a 26" Muni and see if its worth building one. but yea it sounds good.

Zippo makes a “descent” lighter… dunno if it’s 26" though.

oh dang thats a beast!

Don’t listen to him, he wouldn’t make a serious post if he tried.

Try using a 26x2.6" Gazz… that’s the same weight as a Gazz 24x3. I have one on my MUni.

I think he did try…