26" Muni hopping ability

I decided I’m going with a 26" Muni for on and off road riding, I figure a good C/C 26 x 3" will offer good all around riding capability. I still haven’t decided if I want to make it a Guni, anyway.

I’m wondering what kind of hops and drops a 26" can successfully manage. I want to be able to hop up and down curbs and want to make sure this is something a 26 could handle.

Drops are limited to your legs ability to absorb impact only, as far as hops are concerned it matters how strong you are and your ability to tuck. The man makes the unicycle, the unicycle doesn’t make the man.

People have done up to 10 foot down. Loads of people can hop up a foot or more on a 26. Kerbs aren’t a problem at all.