26" Muni for sale (south west england)

I am advertising this for a friend as he no longer rides and is short of cash. He built it up from scratch and has only riden it a small amount (and mainly on road). The tyre has plenty of tread still on it and there are minimal scratches on the frame and cranks. The seatpost however, has quite a few scratches on it and it is quite badly seized to the frame, in a low position. He is looking for around £150 for it. I live in the south west of england, roughly 30 mins from swindon and brisol. Colection is no problem or I am happy to package and post it, but thats at your expence. Any questions just ask.

Saddle: plastic base, cut down foam, KH cover
Seat post: Cromo post
Clamp: Nimbus 2 bolt
Frame: Nimbus II 26" with magura mounts welded on
Hub: Kh 07 moment
Cranks: Kh moment 137/165
Rim: Low spec aluminium downhill rim
Tyre: Duro Wildlife
Pedals: No pedals

brake mounts 800.jpg

Hi am interested but have a few questions, what is the weight of the unicycle and what is the width of the rim? sound like odd questions but i would make it onto a street setup so need to know before i can make my mind up.

Alright sam. Aah I have been up the garrage all day with it and didnt know. Yea the rim isnt that wide, Its maybe 25mm wide, I will mesure it tomorrow. I dont know why he built it with that, should have used something wider. Easy enough to build in a wider rim though.

Hi Marcus, i think the rim being fairly small is ok, any idea on weight and will i be able to move the saddle with enough force?

i unjammeed a seatpost once by putting an old peace of tube up the bottom of the frame, and hammered it which pushed the seatpost out. Before that it was REALLY stuck.

Enough force + WD40 = every seatpost will move

The rim is about 32mm wide, wider than I thought. I am happy to remove the seatpost if you dont want the hassle but it will probably involve me killing it, everything else will be preserved though.

na mate dont worry about it i’ll manage, any idea on weight yet, also is the wheel true?

Yea the wheel is true, he was running a brake on it and hasnt done any hard riding on it atall.

Weight, ok, will strip it down and weigh it when I have time tomorrow.


Yhm :slight_smile: