26" muni advice needed

I’m looking to get a 26" with a brake. I’m not looking to do technical muni, just dirt roads, rail trail, bad pavement etc. Have lots of hills here, so I thought a brake might help going down. Question is whether to get an Oracle or a Nimbus muni with a rim brake. Price diff. is about $150, which I guess is due to the frame and maybe some toward the disk brake. If I’m not going to ride this hard, is the extra money for the Oracle justified or would the regular Nimbus be a good buy?

Get the Oracle, it’s lighter, the disc brake is sweet, and you can’t take it with you, so uou might as well spend it :wink:

Also, consider getting a 29er, the extra wheel speed and stability is worth it, you cam learn the bigger wheel.

Thanks. I have a Drak 29", but I’m going to sell it. It feels a little too big, but the 24" feels a little small now, so I thought I’d go to a 26". When my skills get better I can always go back up.

My advice would be to simply practice the 29 until it doesn’t “feel a little too big.” This shouldn’t take too long if you ride regularly, and in the long run (so to speak), the benefits will outweigh the cost.

Another question

How about crank length. Options are 150 or 165. I have 150 on the 24 and the drak came with 150. I’m not a fast spinner, so would the 165 be better? Maybe I should keep the 29" but I am a little fearful of falling as I have taken a good fall on it. I think I’d just be more comfortable on the 26".

I don’t think a brake would be completely neccesary, at least in my opinion. I ride some 26 muni without it, and with my experience the brake always make me fly forwards off, but I may just need more practice with it. 150 cranks should be fine, I prefer them to 165’s. Also the 29 is really fun when you get used to it.

Run longer cranks and you can run a lower seat, that might help with control and you’d feeler closer to the ground. I agree that you should keep working at the 29er, it’s just a matter of adjusting to the wheel size.

Some people do prefer a 26", UPDinUtah (Bert) just got a 26" Oracle and he said it is much easier to ride than his KH 29, and is a decent rider on a 29"…

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OK – if you can afford it, keep the 29 and get a 26! They are both great fun.

If your running the Dissent on the 29er, you could try switching to a lighter all around tire. It will make a big difference in how it feels to ride.

also swap out the tube to a 26" mountain bike tube, together with a lighter tire you could shave a pound of the wheel, that will make a significant difference n how it feels.

So I decided to buy the Oracle and I can’t get my Ipad to order it. Just won’t go to the cart page. :angry: Don’t know if this is a hurricane issue or something else. Guess I’ll just have to wait for cable to come back.

+1 for the lighter tire and longer cranks, this really makes all the difference.

Also buy a 36er, after I rode that for a while, the 29er felt very small;)

I got a 29er and kept it on the 150mm cranks for a few months until I started feeling more comfortable, then moved the pedals to the 125mm holes. It took another adjustment period but I was fine afterwards. After getting used to that the 26er on 150mm cranks felt like a slow tank. Not something that I’d ever want to take on non technical distance rides.

I can only imagine that 165mm cranks would slow things down even further on a 26er… but you mean put 165s on the 29er? Yeah, that would help.

Might as well get the 26, but don’t sell the drak, you’ll eventually get used to the 26 and want something larger. Start the collection of all sizes. :wink:

+1. It took me a little while but you’ll get used to it if you stick with it… even if it’s just a a mile a day.

Although there is some magic height threshold that seems to kill riding confidence. I definitely notice it going from 20 to 24, easy hops on my 20 seem much harder on my 24 from what seems to be a higher vantage point. I also notice it on my 29er. Small obstacles just seem bigger when I’m higher up, makes no sense, they should seem smaller since I’m farther away :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will enjoy the 26 Oracle.

Order placed, anxiously awaiting delivery!