26"muni,24"muni, 19" muni/trials, 36" road and a penny

hey, I have for sale:

-Unused and still in the box 26" Qu-ax Muni, £220 + postage

-unused and still in the box 19" Qu-ax Muni/trials £200 + postage

-unused and still in the box 24" Qu-ax Muni for £210 + postage

-Unused and still in the box 36"/12" Qu-ax Penny Farthing £320 + postage

All these items are brand new,and have never been used and I am interested in sensible offers,
Thanks for your time

how negotiable is price? as im interested in the 26", also postage upto newcastle?

job lot £200?

hello scotty1991 , thanks for your interest in the 26", how does £215 and free postage sound?
thanks very much :slight_smile:

do you have any 19" trials for sale?

thank you for your interest, yes i do have a great 19" trials unicycle for sale, please pm me for if you would like more info on the uni