26" koxx vs 24" quax vs 29" quax

Hey guys.

I am new to this forum and I have a question. I have been riding my quax 24 " Muni and my 29 " quax for about a year and I like both. I like the exhausting exercise on my 24" and it is no problem to ride where the MTB riders ride but maby with the lack of speed of course :roll_eyes: But I also like the speed and the commute ability on my 29 " :smiley: and a speedy cruise in the forrest.
So my question is, is it worth going for a 26 " Koxx and what are the benefit of this Muni and what about the lenght of cranks would you choose, and breaks do you all do breaks, I notice the lack of breaking effort when my cranks is to short.

Cheers from a new member.:smiley: