26" Koxx ISIS custom muni with magura

Hi All,

I’m selling off my “old” 26er ('coz I now have a “new” one with a Schlumpf), as follows…

  • Wheel is a Halo Combat 26" rim (white), laced to a Koxx ISIS hub (wheelbuild courtesy of Roger at UDC uk); the bearings have been replaced with Kris Holm ones (using shims) which are stronger.
  • Cranks: a selection (all Koxx ISIS). It's got on it 125mm ones with an [B]extra hole[/B] at 100mm, professionally done by Chris Bell of Highpath Engineering; I found these astonishingly useful/effective for town riding and XC (but not as good as a gearbox, no). I'm also including a pair of 110mm cranks, and a third pair I had shortened down to 90mm (again by Highpath engineering - before I thought of having them as dual-hole, d'oh!).
  • Pedals: Gusset Slim Jims, white
  • Tyre: Duro Wildlife Leopard (26*3"), with inner tube, and also a DMR Moto RT 26*2.4"
  • Frame: 26" Koxx Track Monster, in black, with magura brake bosses
  • Magura hydraulic brake + lever
  • gusset seat clamp
  • seatpost: Kris Holm 25.4mm * 300mm long, black, with rail adaptor, and shim to fit 29.4mm frame
  • saddle: silver/black Koxx Gel

pictures in my album http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/album.php?albumid=78

Yes, it’s quite a collection of parts and not all of them have been ridden together (!), but there is at least one of everything you need to have a complete unicycle (!); and I’ve done many miles on a similar mix (with a Nimbus frame, and without the brake and some other bits acquired since): it cost about 300ukp a couple years ago, and since then I’ve added/replaced the Duro Wildlife tyre (unused), the DMR Moto RT (used only for about 20 miles riding, as I decided I prefer my Halo Twin Rail - tho the DMR is better off-road), the Koxx frame and magura brake (also only used for one road ride - I decided I preferred to have a quick-release saddle-height adjustment rather than a brake).

I’m asking 200ukp ono; a new Nimbus 26" ISIS costs 215ukp without the brake (not to mention inferior pedals, and not as many pairs of cranks/tyres/etc.!). UK buyer preferred, but will consider shipping abroad if desired.

Tempted… But I wanta coker first… well… ermm… I’ll think about it

would you sell just the magura.

Or swap the uni for. a 24" qu ax or parts to make a near complete mod trials

If so, would you be interested in swap / px for a Qu-Ax 20" trials on your uni without the Magura?

I have just put my Qu-Ax trials uni up for sale on wightbay to pay for a new trials frame and paint job. I was also planning on looking at larger unicycles in February. I have a HS33 with braided hose, and a KH brake mount waiting for a uni to live on, so If I were to buy the uni I’d end up selling the brake that’s on it.

What’s a “near complete mod trials”? Or, more specifically, what are the parts in question? Can’t say as I really want a 24" round here, or a trials uni I don’t think, but I’m not averse to a spot of my own wheelbuilding, and am always keen to experiment / try new setups…

As to whether I’d sell the magura - well, I’d rather sell the whole uni, of course, but maybe. Would you want the (Koxx) frame to put it on, too, or do you already have brake mounts? And how much might you be offering (bearing in mind both magura and frame are close-to-unused!)…?

Cheers, Alan

So I messed up here, and discovered too late that my notification preferences didn’t send me an email when I received private messages, and hence by the time I did see said messages, the relevant parties had wandered off / committed their money elsewhere / etc… (the offer to buy just the magura, I thought I’d wait and see if I could sell the whole uni first, and then missed the chance to do just that, ho hum…)

Hence, the uni is still for sale. And I’ll, erm, out of the goodness of my heart erm:-), reduce the asking price to 180 to try to stimulate some interest again…(but primarily, I’ll watch my private messages, this time!).

Alternatively, a feeler if I may. I could possibly use the Koxx hub + cranks myself, so if I built up the same rim around a Nimbus Wide Flange CrMo (square taper) hub, would anyone be interested? (in a wheel - or in a Halo Combat rim and Nimbus CrMo hub separately?) This’d be about my 8th wheelbuild, and the others have done some fair mileages, so although I’m no expert and cannot accept any liability/responsibility if things do go wrong, I think my wheels are fine (and I trust them with my weight!), and my labour’s cheap(!)…would people be interested??? (I’ll not take the Koxx hub out if not, as the koxx hub is only of marginal use for what I’d do with it…)

i am very interested in this!
Would you swap/Part exchange for my CUstom trials and BC wheel, (or just the Trials, whatever combination you want)

The trials no longer has a seat as i snapped it, but i am also throwing in a white try all tyre that has been ridden for less than a week.

I have now also lowered the price of the trials to £160

Im located in kings lynn, norfolk so im about an hour away on the train,

Hi Acl!
Nice too see you back to Cambridge!
I’m interested in your Unicycle. I really want to try a 26" for some ride in the countryside, because my 20" is not really adapted for that.
I sell my Unicycle trial, you can see the specification on my post.
If you are interested by some exchange I’m in!
We can meet at Cambridge maybe ride together, I really want to try your 26". I already try a coker but it must be different.
Hope see you soon

i PM’d you

Yeah, I still reckon 26" is my favourite wheel size - it’s nimble enough to be manoeuverable, and to have a go at technical stuff (tho I’m hopeless), but large enough to do decent XC; it gets around town/cyclepaths at speed ('coz it’s also still manoeuverable), and can even go road riding (but not ideal, no - tho pretty good if you have a gearbox…). 29" seems big enough to start to have drawbacks; 36"…is just awkward and unmanageable when you’re not riding it, tho obviously when you are it’s awesome. (So long as you don’t need to idle or manoeuver or anything!!).

Yep, I can confirm that a 36" is really unmanageable, moreover the one I try got short cranks. But we can ride really faster than all the other one, if the road is good…
I ran with a friend near Cambridge, I’ve seen lot of small countryroad wich must be funny on a 26". But is the brake really usefull? I haven’t try it, and I’m curious to test that.
See you for a ride!

Now sold.