26" KH freeride rim question

Hi all,

My new Guni has a KH freeride rim.
Due to its with of 47 mm, it really makes the tires wider then on small rims.

I have a question about the holes:
Since it is a double walled rim, how about water and mud getting through the holes and getting inside the rim. I don’t like cleaning, do I have a problem here?
Has anyone experienced problems with mud clogging the holes?
If so, I will tape the holes shut:o

I’ve gotten mud in my try-all rim and it was super easy to clean it out with a hose

I’ve never washed my KH drilled Muni rim on my Guni. It rode pretty much in every possible condition :stuck_out_tongue:

As I was rinsing off the mud today on my new KH 24, I was asking myself the very same question… I shook the uni in all the position but there was always a bit of water trapped inside he rim. First I tried to get it out with a towel. Then I gave up and let it dry on its own, inside the house.
I suppose it’s the only way really.

you must be hitting some serious mud to fill the rim!!!

Any slippery wet boggy trails i usually end up on my feet or but so dunno how you manage to ride through deep enough mud to fill the cut-outs.

I wouldnt suggest a pressure washer for the sake of our bearings so you can only really hose it all out. Which is far easier after the ride not a day or two later once its hardened then that is a royal pain…

no problem with mud… If I encounter a river just at the end of the ride I dive-wash the rim(rotate to avoid bearing submersion) otherwise it stay with the mud :smiley: it’s a muni not elegant clothing !

This is my issue. I have the same 47mm wide rim on my KH29 which is my unicycle of choice when winter conditions rule out my 36er. Melted snow leaves large deep puddles on my paved paths so mine is fully submerged on a regular basis. Putting my KH29 in “road” mode involves shortening my cranks from 165 to 137 and adding pressure to the FOSS tube in my Hans Dampf. The blue rim strip is tight enough in the holes not to allow debris of any size in. I’ve never had a problem with it.