26 inch Torker LX for not-quite beginner?

I’m shopping for a uni after seeing the Extreme Unicycling web page…the
last time I rode, it was a 20 or 24 inch Schwinn…and it was 25 years
ago. I could ride straight distances for quite a while, but never learned
to turn.

Now I’m 45 and looking to ride from the bus stop to my office and around
the university campus where I work.

I don’t have much interest in doing jumps or muni; I just want to get
around, have fun and get some good exercise.

I’ve pretty much decided on a 26 inch Torker LX. I’m 6 ft 2 in tall, about
175. I’m thinking that the taller wheel will be more comfortable than the
20 inch wheel, and the 26 will be better for traversing campus (concrete,
asphalt and brick). I don’t feel that a more expensive uni is warranted,
but it makes sense to spend the extra bucks to move up from the CX to the

Is a 26 a reasonable size to learn on? Anything else I should consider?


You’re already a rider. At your height you should do fine with a 26" unicycle. The only other thing you should consider is that you’ll get hooked and you’ll own four unicycles within 3 years. Glad to have you aboard.

Basics for riding:

2.) Weight on the seat at all times.
3.) Focus slightly into the distance. Don’t look at the wheel.
4.) Weight on the seat at all times.
5.) Round, smooth pedal strokes.
8.) Weight on the seat at all times.
7.) Try not to chicken out and step off. Ride until you fall. This helps you learn how to make corrections.
8.) Weight on the seat at all times.
9.) Don’t forget to keep your weight on the seat at all times.

Nah, for me it’s neary 7 months from the day i learned and im buying my fourth very soon (5 and 6 will come next year).

You’d like a 26 the most i think, much smoothness

Just tossoin it out there…but if your only going to use it for commuting maybe a 29er would suit you best?

the only thing is 29ers are usually alot more expensive from what ive seen. If you get the LX, you might want to upgrade the saddle once you learn how to ride because the saddle is pretty uncomfortable.


26 is a versatile size, with a good range of tyres. You will be able to optimise it for general riding, cross country or Muni as your skills and experience develop.

The only downside is that when you are still beginner/intermediate, freemounting a bigger wheel can be tricky. Practise that, and you will save a lot of energy on your rides, and have more fun generally.

Original poster here…logged in through unicyclist.com

I thought about a 29, but the least expensive one is double the cost of the 26 inch Torker LX. It will be a good place to start. Thanks for all the advice.


Bought a 24 rather than a 26…seat height question

I’m back…decided on a 24 inch Torker LX. It arrived today and I started to try riding again.

(I’m logged in under a new ID as my old one got messed up somehow and I can’t get the password. I have mailed the site admin a couple of times…)

First, the seat post was WAY too high (400 mm) post. I cut 2 inches off the bottom, and I think I’m pretty close. Here is a picture my wife took with my camera phone. The pedal is at the bottom :

The seat post is bottomed out in the post tube. It still feels a bit high. I measured from the top of the pedal straight down to the lowest part of the seat. It was about 34 inches. My inseam is 33 inches.

The “family jewels” don’t feel particularly comfortable either. I’m trying to sit back on the seat.

I’m thinking I should take at least one more inch off the post. I can always raise it again. I have about 6 inches of top tube to work with, so I’m not very worried about cutting it too short.



I would definitely not cut the seat post down any more from there; if anything, I’d say you’re already too low, although it’s hard to say without seeing a full pedal revolution. I can’t tell whether you’re sitting straight on the seat, or whether you’re leaned over to the side near the picture. But in any case, you want your leg to be almost fully extended when you’re at the bottom of the pedal stroke, and your leg still has a decent bend to it in the picture.

It may not be comfortable but for learning it looks like you could probly bring the seat up another inch maybe… It slike a bike, you want your leg pretty much fully extended when your in the bottom of the stroke.

As for the “jewels” you kinda have to lift em outta the way before you sit down. Eventually you will learn to do it very inconspicuosly so people wont give you disgusted looks as you mount. This pic should explain.

It looks like your off to a good start. Just keep riding and remember were all here for ya:)


Tom, I’d say that your seat looks like its at a decent height, I wouldnt go much shorter.

EDIT: Sorry, everyone else beat me :slight_smile:

I’m leaning against the wall, but sitting squarely in the seat. No big deal to bump it up a bit. I’ll try that. Thanks all.

I need to find a better practice spot, but I think I’m getting close.


progress…and uni deja vu

Got my Torker LX 24 this past monday…There is no good place at my house to practice, so I went down the street to my mom’s house, and decided to learn where I learned the first time…in the carport.

There is a doorway I can hold myself up in, and about 20 feet of smooth concrete in front of me. After about an hour or so of practice, I was able to go about 15 feet, but inconsistently.

The last time I had really ridden was about 25 years go, and there was this amusing deja vu “moment” while I was trying to ride, when the feeling of being on the uni felt familiar.

Hopefully I’ll get past the carport phase soon so I can start practicing at home.