26 Inch Nimbus Muni and Torker Tx giraffe

I have a 26 inch Nimbus muni with a chrome frame, KH/Onza wheel set, yellow HK freeride saddle, purple Eastern pedals. It has a custom rim brake that works well. It will fit over a 3 inch tire. I have a 3 inch Duro Wildlife and an Ardent that would go along with it. Rides great It has seen some Boone Trails.

I also have a blue Torker Tx it is stock just like from their website. The only problem it has is a slight bow like they all do after riding. Its not bad and I have not attempted to straighten it as i heard that only caused more issuers. It rides great I wish I had more time to ride it.

Price wise I am wanting to get $250 for the muni and $90 for the giraffe. If someone is interested in both I would be willing to do $325 for both. Local pickup is preferred. I am in Boone NC but can be in Lexington NC would be willing to meet someone close to either location. Please email for pictures if interested as I might not respond to a Pm
Email is zakking82"at"gmail.com

I am accepting offers for one or both.

id buy the 26. would you ship it?

As of now I am looking to see what kind of interest I have local but I am not against it.

Giraffe is pending. Still have the 26 considering shipping.

How long are the cranks ?


Picture of the Muni

Offers for Muni I have a guy Interested with shipping but send you offer as replies are slow I was ready to ship today he failed to respond by 5.

Giraffe sold.