26 hours to ride a Unicycle

I got my 26" Sun February 10th and after 36 days of practice my body finally figured it out!!! I have put 26 hours in over the 36 days and it have been a frustrating and exciting month+

So last night I was out practicing while my daughter was riding her scooter, I was able to ride 60ft and I had a UPD. I had a UPD at 60ft about 15 times in a row and I was getting frustrated since I didn’t know why I kept stopping there? :thinking: Then the 16th time I rode right past the 60ft mark and just kept on riding, my daughter was racing behind me and yelling for me to keep going! What I was thinking was “what do I do now?” I had never been that far and I was confused because I wasn’t trying or thinking about all the things I am supposed to do to ride a Uni (i.e. sit down, back straight, loose legs, ect…)?! I ran off the front at 120ft and we were very excited!!! I repeated the longer rides several times before stopping and putting Autumn to bed. After she was asleep I went back out and was able to go between 100-150ft each time and by the end I was able to stop and step down when my legs were burning so bad I couldn’t ride anymore!!:smiley:

Man do my leg muscle need some work, but what a feeling to just ride and enjoy it and not think about anything.:slight_smile:

So that is my story…26 hours to get to the beginning of tons and tons more to learn. But now when I go out I won’t be practicing anymore…I will be riding!!


yay!! another unicyclist!!:smiley:

Next stop…LONGMONT!!

Congrats man.
Hoping you can join us on some rides this summer.
I hope to hit some of those Boulder Cruiser rides this summer.
Golden has a fun group of Cruiser’s too.


I am totally in for so rides in Boulder and Golden! My goal is to save up for a geared 29"er!

I remember my switch from a 20 to a 26

Man that was night and day, I actually felt that I could go somewhere without spinning myself to death!! The first day I got it I rode about 2 miles away, with about 100 UPDs in the process; I have improved greatly since I’ve been riding it consistently for about a week, I’m even starting to go off road. That is a whole new experience in itself!!

I’m pretty sure god (or whoever maintains the trails I ride) put invisible barriers on the ground to cause me to UPD without an inkling of why it happened.

I followed a similar learning curve when I first started.

I have to say, that first ride, when it finally just clicked, is one of the highlights of my adult life.

CONGRATS! I know this feeling as I just learned too. The first time I was able to go 90 feet I was so stoked. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I just didnt really know if I could do this but yes I can! Super congrats and more kudos for sticking with it so long. :smiley:

Congratulations Vinny. Welcome to the club!

One thing regarding your legs burning. It could be that your saddle height is adjusted too low. I had this same problem as well when I first started out. Fine tuning the correct saddle height is very crucial. Having it low was good for me to learn, but once I did learn I had to adjust the saddle up until with the crank in the 6 O’Clock position my knee would just have a slight, maybe a few degrees, bend. This is a personal preference type thing, but if your knees are still fairly bent when your crank is in the 6 O’Clock position, your saddle is definitely too low. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did.:slight_smile:

Thanks CBS…I hope your arm gets better quick.


If you feel so inclined, come down and join us at the Wizard’s Chest Juggling and Unicycling club which meets every Saturday at the Wizard’s Chest in Denver from noon to two PM (On Fillmore between 2nd and 3rd in Cherry Creek). We’ll have a 700c unicycle to ride, a vintage Schwinn 20", a 6’ Schwinn giraffe, and a 5’ custom giraffe.


Thank you! I appreciate the nice comment.
It doesnt really hurt, just a little swollen on the forearm. I’m just antsy since I’m not on the pain meds and eating very healthy to heal quick!

Oh, I forgot to mention. My quads burn bad too. They told me at UDC that this is because I’m not putting enough weight in my seat. Too much in my legs still. This is common for us newbies! My legs give up before I can make it a 1/4 mile lol. So we are in the same boat…

I found it really useful when I started out to do a few half-revs first and feel comfy resting my weight on my seat before riding off.

You’ll get better at it in no time. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just lean against the wall and practice idling. Get used to putting more weight into the seat. I dont want to chance right now riding without elbow pads since my arm has finally healed but the stitches hurt with elbow pads on. So I guess I have to let it heal! If I were to fall on the elbow pads, not sure if the stitches could pull lose. Not fair… :angry:

So I swapped out my 170mm cranks for 152mm and it makes riding much easier on the legs. I spent an 1.5hours riding and I could tell my legs liked the shorter cranks much better. The steep crown on my street is very frustrating, if I can get to the middle of the road from my parked car I am off and riding. But if I don’t go far enough or too far I either can’t pull out or I am fighting to get it back to the high part of the street. I am thinking about upgrading my tire to one that is better for crowned roads…it is just hard to switch when this one still works.
I also am glad I have good tire truing skills because this Sun rim must be a POS, I have to true the wheel every 5 hours of riding? I have the spoke tightened and the wheel straight…but it very quickly gets way out of true? Well I say it is good practice to keep my truing skills up to date.

You will be riding, but you will always be practicing. :wink:

once you hit the mark were you start to be able to ride for longer stretches, before UPDing, the learning curve steepen’s rapidly, because your spending less time getting on, and more time riding. mr suggestion: practice doing s shapes on your crowned road. zig-zag it at first, then smooth out the s, thats what helped me on a non-consistent-height-road.

Thanks Q and welcome to the forum.