26" hookworm

I’ve been riding on a 26" x 2.5" hookworm for a couple of weeks now and really like it. I put it, along with 145mm cranks, on this uni:


Pumped up hard, haven’t measured it but it’s hard, it makes for a plusher ride than I expected. Maybe it’s the volume. It’s smooth and quiet on pavement and better than I thought it would be on gravel. The combination has shaved 5 minutes off an 8 km ride. I’m happy :wink:

On another note has anyone got any Profile cranks they want rid of? Any length/condition considered (hub to if you want to part with it :wink: ). I’m also looking for a 700c rynolite but that’s another thread…

Cheers, Greg

What the…

Who are you? Where did you come from? What’s the story with this incredible Carbon Fiber frame?? How can this be the first time I’m seeing this? Did you make it? Can you make more?




I’ve got the exact set up on my cruising uni. 26" hookworm with Profile 145’s on a KH24 frame. It’s a nice ride, very smooth. If you want to hop around you may want to let the pressure out a bit. It doesn’t have a lot of bounce at the real high pressure.
I’ve got mine on an Alex DX32 rim and it measures at 27-1/2" diam.

>What’s the story… Carbon Fiber frame??

I did build it and posted about the process Feb 27, 2002. I tried searching for the thread but can’t find it??? I’ll have another look.

I’m not finished building uni stuff but am not interested in production either. Unicycles are a hobby only for me. Thanks for the kind words! The frame has served me well thus far.

Cheers, Greg

I’ve been real pleased with the 26" hookworm also…put a uni together out of some “spare parts” about a month ago, with the idea of using it for a loaner around the neighborhood. On a whim, i decided to order one of the hookworms for it, and it turned out to be a really smooth ride.


I had the same response Nbrazzi! I am amazed at that sweet looking Muni. It does appear by the notes under the picture that he built this uni.
My question: How lite is it?

Greg: Again, super sweet Muni!!! --chirokid–

Frank wrote:

>I’ve got the exact set up on my cruising uni.
>If you want to hop around you may want to let the pressure out

I’ll try that Frank. Thanks. I also want to try shorter cranks…

I found the original thread. When I tried to click the link at the end of the thread to bring me to the nice unicyclist.com website view of the thread, it took me to the wrong one (but one with the same title).

That’s an awesome looking ride!

EDIT: forgot to include the link

I’ve got a Sem XLW 24/26, and I’d like to use that tire. But it’s been measured at 13.75" from axle to seat tube, and Frank A. measures his hookworm at 27 1/2" diameter, so it looks like it may not fit.:frowning:

What frame are you guys using with the 26" hookworm?

Going by Frank’s measurement, a 24" hookworm would be about 25.5" in diameter. Will I have to settle for that? :thinking:

And, if I do, how will it work on a narrower rim like my Rhynolite?

Will, mine is in a 26" yuni frame, has about 1/2" clearance at the top. I’ve got the tire mounted on a stock 26" sem deluxe rim. It would probably be better on a wider rim, but it hasn’t given me any problems yet…i’m not sure how wide that rim is, but it is probably about the same as your rhynolite. I think the sem came with a 26 x 1.75 on it.


>I found the original thread.


Thanks Daniel!


I don’t know what you mean by “production”, but I would love to contract a Coker frame like that. No pressure, but if you were interested we should talk.

CF frame - was 26" hookworm

nbrazzi wrote:

>I would love to contract a Coker frame like that…

I’m flattered by your interest and honestly would like nothing more than to give that a go. But… right now I have waaaay too many irons in the fire to take on anything new.

I have had Coker on the brain for some time now though and plan to make such a frame someday.

Cheers, Greg

The maxxis hookworm 26" is really coo. Did anyone know the exact broad of the tire in millimetres ? 2.5" is only a the name…


How about some pics of these uni’s with 26" hookworm?

I wrote:

>I also want to try shorter cranks…

And now I have. Installed the 126mm profile compatible cranks less than 2 hrs ago and went for a quick burn. A noticeable difference from the 145’s I’ve been riding for the last couple of weeks. Certainly not unmanageable though. Nailed two mounts and got into a tuck before my lunch hour ended and I had to rush back to work.

The cranks were easy to make. I started with 175’s and drilled a hole at 126mm. Cut the small end off the cranks and ground them round again. The ‘ears’ extending past the new hole were bent around the pedal insert and tig welded while jigged for alignment. Easily done with basic tools aside from the tig welding which was done by someone else. I can’t wait to give these a proper run…

Photos to follow.

Cheers, Greg


yesterday I’ve got my new tire - the 26" hookworm. 26"x2.5, a really fat thing. After rolling the first kilometres on this new part my snap opinion is only positiv. The rolling charcteristic is really great.
I’ll shoot some pictures of the complete unicycle with the maxxis hookworm…


…first picture of my 26" unicycle. In the near future, I’ll get a new frame for it.


…second picture:


I love your “BSU” (your Bumper Sticker Unicycle). That is too cool looking.

Some folks ride Chrome, some Painted, some Powder Coated, and then there is Foxx, he rides Bumpersticker! I love it. --chirokid–