26" Hatchet

After long consideration, sadly I am putting my 26” Hatchet up for sale.

Full disclosure this was created from an Oregon and has first run Hatchet frame, meaning there is a slight cosmetic paint defect on inside of frame near bearing holder. To view defect, please check out cliffhirsch’s posting, I’m too lazy to take the unicycle apart to take a picture of it.

Seat pictured on unicycle is not included, KH Freeride pictured separately will be included. Both frames will be included if you want both.

Price, I’m not sure what to ask so I will start with $700 plus shipping. Please don’t lowball I will keep it if I cannot make a certain price.

Need a new roof on my house and have to come up with additional funds. It is the only reason I am selling it.

Please let me know if you think what I am asking is unreasonable.

Hatchet 1.jpg

Hatchet 2.jpg



KH Freeride.jpg

Oregon 1.jpg

Oregon 2.jpg

Oregon 3.jpg

Is that the same wheelset that comes with the current hatchet?

How old are the parts other than the frame (wheel, brakes, etc?)? Thanks!

It is the same as the first run Hatchet, that’s why I went this route except I think the spokes were or are different colors, I haven’t looked since I bought this.

I bought it last year and used it once. I bought the Oregon used but it’s all in good shape and was always well loved and cared for. Nothing is needed to be replaced. Hatchet frame was used once, I replaced the rim tape with new rim tape at my LBS when I changed frames so color would coordinate. It’s a used unicycle but with the new frame used once, I’m sure it’s not perfect showroom quality but it is a decent cared for unicycle.

I had no intention of selling it but I just bought a new house and within 2 months developed a roof leak and now I have to replace a roof. Otherwise it would not be for sale and if I can figure out alternative financing before I sell it, I won’t sell it.

Thanks for the backstory. Bummer about the roof on your house, that sucks.

So what happened to the Oregon? (talking about the nasty weld)

I’m definitely interested in it, I have been hoping a used one would show up here. Unfortunately it depends on me finding buyers for some stuff I have up for sale… Who knows if that will materialize or not.

As I mentioned I bought the Oregon used, it was
that way when I bought it. I only bought it to upgrade it to a Hatchet. At the time I was going to purchase a Hatchet but this made more sense.

Here: Oregon 26 fat tire muni

If someone does but it I hope I have a seat post (new) I will have to check. Seat post definitely cut when I bought it. I may have a new one.

I’ve solved the roof issue until next year. That means, I no longer need to sell the Hatchet at least for now. For those who showed interest, I will honor my post, but otherwise it is no longer for sale. I’m locking the thread. Thanks.

After much consideration, I’ve decided I want to sell the Hatchet. I don’t ride in the winter and I like the smaller wheel for muni. So that it doesn’t sit around collecting dust, it’s back up for sale.
Price is $550.00 plus shipping, local rider would be awesome so I don’t have to ship but unlikely.
I’ve ridden it like 3 times since I’ve owned it. I purchased the Hatchet frame brand new from Unicycle.com. I also changed the rim strip.

Updates description and price

For sale Hatchet 26”. Kris Holm Freeride saddle, 150 Nimbus Venture cranks, Shimano XT disc brake, Surly Nate tire and with a brand new 300mm Nimbus seat post.
Price is $575 shipped, continental US.
Local pick up $500.00, prices are firm.
Please note the frame is a 1st run which all had paint defect as pictured. I rode this about three times as the Hatchet. It was built from a Nimbus Oregon.
Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Wow… great deal and terrible timing for me! Nice ride for a nice price.

Sell just the hatchet frame ?

I’m not interested in parting it out. It’s a great uni,
I barely ride it but would keep it before parting it.
I’d just like to see it used more than I ride it. Thanks for the inquiry.

Sold, thank you.