26” hatchet $400

Hi folks,

Selling my 26” Nimbus Hatchet as we’re moving soon. $400 for quick sale, local pick up only please.

I bought it to keep me occupied on a tour in Iraq. It did, I enjoyed it, and then we got sent home early! We’re moving to Europe now and I’m not taking it with.

Great for sand and mud and I found it easy enough for a total beginner with patience.



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Hey Dave,

Where is local for you? This is exactly the muni I’ve been looking for!



Look in the title at the top. It says: 32080, St Augustine beach, Florida , United States


Yes, I’m in St Augustine Florida

How old is it and can you send some pictures?


Also, there are scammers on this website!!! Be careful!! Nowva is one of them!

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Just gonna tag @Canapin to make sure he sees this.

Which website? Who is Nowva?

If I did not buy your unicycle, then I am a scammer? I hope the admin will review our communication.

Sending $1 into my PayPal account account with no further communication is a popular scam…and this is exactly what NowVA did. I’d recommend not dealing in PayPal. Deal locally.

Please be careful!

Popular scam Per PayPal: Someone is sending $1 payments to Paypal account holders for NO goods or services purchased and NO explanation what the money is for, and then they immediately submit chargebacks (reported as unauthorized transaction, which does not make any sense other than some kind of a stupid way of some sort of revenge) even if they receive the $1 refund on the same day as the money is sent out.

Since the unicycle is sold I close the topic and sort the issue in private. :slight_smile:

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