26" frames out ther

What’s a good brand of a frame that can take a 26" wheel? I see cheap ones or really expensive ones. I have an 05 KH freeride and i wanted to know if ther’s a good 26" frame that deserves to go on my muni so i can change out the wheel from 24" to 26" when i want.

hmm… i been thinkin, what if i get a 29" frame then i could handle a 29", 26", and 24"

What do you all think?

P.S. plz reply


yea thats a perfect frame, but the bearings i have wont fit it, and now that i think of it not many frames will.

If you have an 05 KH Freeride, isn’t the tire that came with it almost 26"? It sounds like a lot of 26" tires should fit in that frame to begin with.

Otherwise, you’re kind of spoiled with that frame. It’s a really nice one. Someday I hope to have one… (Trials version)

yea i know its a really nice frame. But i looked at my bike tire and it looks alot bigger than mine for some reason.