26" fat tire rim (65mm or greater)

Used is fine. An old large marge would be perfect. Also need a 32 hole nimbus hub, ISIS.

Building up a conundrum.

Did you see the one Brycer is selling?

A quick search on the MTBR forum showed people selling the same rim for $50-75. It showed full wheelsets with that rim going for $200. I can get a brand new marge lite rim for $115. I do understand it’s getting harder to find, but that is a very unfair asking price. I’m willing to spend a little, and have bought used items here for probably more than they’re worth. I’m alright with it up to a point.

I think part of why Bryce is charging a bit more is the rim is 36h. Everything I’ve seen lately has been 32h.

Rare shouldn’t necessarily make something expensive, but I’ll give you that, it’s hard to find a 36 hole version. More power to him if he can get that much for it. I can’t justify it, as much as I want it, but someone out there will snag it.