26+ BC Wheel?

I’m interested in building a 26+ BC wheel, but having never built or ridden a BC wheel before I figured it’d be helpful to get some advice before I begin.
I’m ideally hoping to use this while being pulled by a kiteboarding kite. My hope is that a 26+ BC wheel would have enough volume to work on sandy beaches where people usually use kite buggies.

First off, does anyone have any experience with fat BC wheels? I haven’t been able to find any sign someone’s tried one before.

Second, does anyone know if 26+ would be a good size to learn on? I’m open to getting something smaller and not fat to start with if it would help.

The only thing I know about kite buggies is what I see in that picture. It shows the guy, apparently on the “hard” sand down near the water line, which is probably the preferred place to do any such activities. Get up onto the dryer sand and anything is going to sink in more. Note that the buggy has three wheels, so a single wheel is still going to have more of an impact on the surface, and have more drag. Even though the 3-wheeled buggy is bigger and heavier, it probably will roll nicer because the weight is distributed.

I’ve only used BC wheels with “common” tires on them; usually 20" or 24" tires in the 1.75 to 2" range. A bigger/fatter tire should work fine; in fact the extra weight might make it marginally easier to control. Or harder. What you don’t want are a lot of knobs on the sides of the tire; these will hit your legs and take the fun out. Or you could add a fender or “leg guard”, to keep the tire from hitting your legs. The bigger the tire, the more likely this is to happen.

Have fun, and take pictures/videos! :slight_smile: