26" Alex wheel with Duro Leopard Tire

This wheel came with a used unicycle frame. I don’t need it, but I do need more room in storage, so PM me if you’re interested.

Alex DX32
what appears to be a Duro Leopard tire
Square taper hub and 152mm cranks of some sort
Tube (it’s been holding a lot of air for the past few months in storage without a leak, so the tube appears to be in really great shape.

$45 and shipping OBO

Price Drop!

$40 plus shipping!

Bump. $38 plus UPS shipping.

It’s worth buying just for the tire. I would get it for sure if I was in the USA.

Out of curiosity, does it have 40mm or 42mm bearings on the hub? Also, is the bearing spacing 100mm or 92mm? I know most modern frames run 42mm bearings with 100mm spacing, but a lot of older stuff did 40mm with 92mm spacing.

It came on a Surly Conundrum so I believe it is all standard. Not sure how to confirm it though. Any suggestions?

I just googled some Conundrum specs, and it looks like they usually had the standard 42mm bearings with 100mm spacing.