26" (559bsd) or 650b (584 bsd) wheel in 29"/700c frame?

Hi folks,

This might seem like an ignorant question, but here it goes:

I have a 29"/700c unicycle that has Magura mounts placed for meeting up with the 622 bsd (29"/700c) rim.

If I am not going to use a brake, is there any reason why one might not try out some different (i.e. smaller) wheel sizes in this uni?

I have a lot of 26" and 650b rims and large MTB tires (including a Pacenti Neo Moto 650b MTB tire) and thought I might build up a few wheels to try the different sizes.

Am I correct in my understanding that this will simply lower the unicycle a little bit, a most requiring I raise my seat post by the difference from what it would be with the 700c/29"/622bsd wheel?

Thanks in advance.

yes, all you should have to do is raise the seat a bit, a 26er in a 29er frame works perfect, in fact I reccomend a 29er frame for 26x3" tires.

EDIT: In fact, here’s a picture of musketman’s KH26, a 26x3" wheelset in a 29" Frame

Assuming you use the same length cranks you won’t even need to change the seat hight, as the seat will always be the same distance away from the hub for all wheel sizes used.

Interesting brake adaptors

Nice … it looks like some sort of brake adaptors are being used to lower the reach of the Maguras. Is that homemade or is it available some where?

Thanks everyone!

I believe they were custom made, but any at home machinist can tab four holes into a block of aluminum, it’s not too hard.

I had normally used a 24 inch muni wheel, and always wanted to try 26 and 29 inch wheels. So last time I upgraded, I went to KH 29" frame. Have swapped wheels several times, and eventually came back to the 24" being my favorite. The 29" frame works out great, allowing me to swap to those other wheels anytime.