26/29 Muni to rent or buy

I’m going to be in Texas for one moth and Oregon for 2 months this summer and am looking for an off-road unicycle to rent or buy.

Preferable would be a 26/29er with disc brake, but would consider anything from 24 to 36.

The best would be a rental/lease but I will probably have to buy and then re-sell.

Texas is a Big Ol’ Place

What part of Texas? And when? I’m in Dallas and might be able to help you out.

24" Nimbus Oracle

I’m selling my 24" Oracle with a disc. I had it powder coated so now the rim and clamp are purple instead of orange. Looking for $450.

have a look at my ti muni 26 please if you haven’t seen already—


Hill Country

Primarily New Braunfels, plus Austin and San Antonio.

Although I’m planning a trip up to Dallas, as that’s where I grew up, but not sure when exactly.

I arrive in Austin on May 22nd. If I were to go up to Dallas my first or second weekend (May 30/31 or June 6/7), that could work out great. Although I’d be going to North Dallas, which is also still a ways from Rockwall…