26, 27.5, or 29 muni

I’m in the market for a mountain uni. I have a 24 so I would prefer a 27.5 or 29. Let me know what you have. I need one with disc brakes. Thanks

26" Mtn Uni

I have a 26" Nimbus Oracle that I would be willing to part with if your interested. I’m in MT

I have a 26" KH Muni with Shimano DX hydraulic brakes, only ridden for a single season. I have recently upgraded to a 27.5" and so looking to get rid of my 26".

I am located in Santa Cruz, CA. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

Thanks for the replies. It looks like I will be waiting until around christmas. I cant convince the wife so far. She doesnt muni so its hard to convince her of the need for a larger wheel. I think I will be after a 27.5 or 29 when I do.

I don’t know the seller, but it looks like a potential match in my neck of the woods.


Thanks, I just saw this one go on ebay for $500. I missed it.