25K (15 m) in under an hour

dan.72tun@timelimit.unicyclist.com writes:
>BTW-- I did the above ride on a Coker with 5-inch cranks. Tire
>pressure was 50 pounds
Dan’s note mentions riding a bit over 14mph for a solid hour under the
conditions mentioned above (and along a flat road). Most importantly,
bravo! Isn’t it amazing what you can do?

Now, I just want to add one thing: Road condition is important. I was
talking with my brother this afternoon about Lars’s ‘record’ of 202 miles
in 24 hours, and I noted that it’s not a good idea to try this on a tarry
(asphalt or tarmac) road. Choose a road that’s mainly concrete-like
because the former will actually slow you down much as a flatter tire
(tyre) will. I would HATE to try to ride really fast in any one (or more)
of these conditions:

  1. heavy wind (except behind me)
  2. ‘slow’ road
  3. tire under 50psi.

Good luck!


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