24x3" tire

i want a new tire/tube for my kh but i am noe happy with the unicycle dot com choices. i am manly looking for less wate and beter road handling

don’t get a duro, that’s for sure

thats what i have


That is what he and I use now on our KH24". Total looser tire. When I find something that hits the spot I’ll let you know. I’m going to start testing other tires myself.

What kind of tire pressure are you guys running who are having problems (hate) with the Duro.


What’s wrong with the Duro?
It’s what’s on my KH, and I don’t really notice any difference between that and the Gazz on PDCs…

i want a new tire/tube for my kh but i am noe happy with the unicycle dot com choices.

Give UDC a call. They sometimes carry other tire choices than are currently on their website.

I, for one, prefer the Duro.
Try adding air pressure.

Tyre pressure makes a huge difference.

I’ve got a Halo Contra. It is pretty poor on the road but I do 99% of my riding off-road so it isn’t a big issue.

i’ve gone through quite a range of pressures

off road it doesn’t feel like it matters, but you still are having to fight with the tire, you just attribute it to fighting the trail

gazz all the way for me. I’m even liking my muni better than my 20 for trials and street because of that bad boy. my $.02

I think maybe some people have developed crooked riding habits as a result of gazzaloddi? And then when turning to the duro tire, find that they are somehow riding in circles without meaning to… Mine has tracked perfectly straight since day 1, it just took me time to learn how to actually turn into uphill slopes at first, but then I couldn’t ride any uni very well at that stage. The 24x3 tires all seem to be nearly identical from looking at them, it seems pretty amazing to me that they can yet be so different in riding practice. I think since I know the knobs are just going to wear off, I will probably continue selecting tires based firstly on price, and then on how it rides, and how cool it looks :slight_smile:

The gazz has an almost square profile so if you’re on a skinny or angled rocks or whatever you can get total traction even if only a small edge of the tire is in contact. Also the sidewall on the gazz makes it wayy better for hopping IMO.

i like the duro but i want something lighter and beter for the street

If you want a lightweight 24x3" tyre your options are pretty limited. The Gazzaloddi weighs about the same as the Duro, if not more and the IRC Kujo is only 40g less than the Gazz. It seems if you want a 24 x 3" tyre its going to weigh lots because of all the rubber there. Maybe get a Dyno fireball.