24X3 Gazz for sale

My recent rides on my MUni with its 24X2.5 tire confirms that I am wimping out on my Gazz. Yes, it is true, I’m letting the big boy down by switching to a 2.5 but that’s what seems to suit my riding style and terrain best.

So the Gazz is looking for a new home. It has about 20 hours of gentle riding on it. It was $100 Cdn. but I will let it go for $65 Cdn (buyer pays shipping).

Send me a PM if you are interested.


Don’t sell it Erin! Hide it away in a cupboard or under your bed, and then one day when you have a bald patch wearing through, or if you discover some especially rough places to ride you may wish to change over to the 3" tire. A spare tire is surely not an asset worth sacrificing. It is entirely up to you of course, but it would suck if you were to change your mind in the future and have to fork out the brand new price for one.

Ah shucks Rowan, the Gazz has already found a new home though it is in fact at the moment hiding under the bed - depressed I think at being usurped by its light weight brother! :o

Never mind, soon it will be adopted by an outstanding uni family and once again ride like the totally phat tire that it is. :wink:

Good bye Gazz, its been nice knowing you.

Stout… here I come. :smiley: