24x3" DH tube for Muni. Worth the extra $$$?

how-ever i never used those lead heavy DH tubes, i put in a 26x2.215 tube…that worked great since a 24x3 gazz is big enough need larger diameter tube./QUOTE]

I´ve never heard of that either. Wonder how the 26X2.215 might work on a Duro 24 X 3 tire?? And what branbd of tube are you using??


Ok i went with the IRC DH 24x3 tube. Its got the threaded valve and its 1.5mm thiick. Hows that sound?

How much did he have in there? I’ve never found slime to affect the responsiveness of the tire, pressure difference and or the different tire probably made it feel that way. Not to mention that slime doesn’t weigh much… depends on how much you put in. I think I have an 8 oz. bottle in my tire. Anyways, it’s just a matter of preference… I much prefer the little bit of extra weight to patching my tube 12 times like before.

Yeah, its a tradeoff. An 8oz tube of slime probably weighs 8 oz.

Muni & components Reliablity Database Needed

Good info usually comes from some solid statistics:

I’m on my third tire on my KH24, having just been riding 2 years almost to the day. First tire was the Duro, and the second two were Gazzoloddi’s.

4-5 rides/week; 5-10 miles/ride; mix soft trails, rocky trails, and trials;

Stock tube (looks like a regular tube, not DH) never lost any air for the first tire over 7 months. I ordered a DH tube with the first Gaz, but installed the old tube. First couple months almost never added air; thereafter I added air about every ride (3 or 4 psi; and I prefer to ride at 16 or 17 psi); used old tube until the second Gaz, then installed the DH tube. Been using the DH tube for four months and add or subtract air only for conditions.

Conclusion 1: stock tube fine for all, as I’ve tested it with 5-10 pinchouts (drops that make the tire hit the rim) and no flats; will see how the DH tube lasts;

Conclusion 2: Muni riders need a database of reliable “facts” based on experiences (for example, for this same uni I’m on my 3rd seat, my 2nd set of pedals; my second seatpost; my second set of crank arms…)

i have a question about slime. If you get a puncture does the tire lose air then you pump it back up and it’s fine?

never mind about my question i got it answered already.
But anyways NickJb Last night i was riding my bike which has downhill tubes in it and i just bunny hopped onto the path leading to my garage to put my bike away and I popped the tire for the first time on that bike just after reading this thread. Now i’m beginning to become superstisious about talking about how good your tubes are!