24x3" DH tube for Muni. Worth the extra $$$?

Im building my Muni and i wanted to kno if it was worth the $14.99 for a good DH tube or if i would fair just as well with a 24x3" $5 tube.

Who here runs DH tubes in their Muni? Do you like it?
Any help would be great!


I recommend them, install and forget, almost no chance of flatting (none for me in years) but the main thing you notice over and over is the nice valve stem in these, you get a nut on the stem that screws down tight to the outside of the rim, locking the vlave in place, DH tires are big and deep, and the valves suck to try to hold onto and inflate at the same time.

That extra $10 you payed will long be forgotten!

Thicker, better quality DH tubes are less prone to pinch flatting and are more puncture resistant. Depends how extreme you think you’re going to get, cheaper tubes are of course a lot lighter so probably worth choosing if you’re not riding very rough terrain, or if you don’t ride places where getting a puncture would be highly inconvenient.

During my four years of muni riding I have had precisely one puncture. I have, however, enjoyed the relative lightness of a normal tube on every single ride. I don’t see the point in DH tubes.

If you’re bottoming out often enough to worry about pinch flats then you ought to run a higher pressure so you don’t damage the rest of the wheel, never mind the tube.


I’m with Phil. Punctures are pretty rare in unicycling (that’s a cue for me to get one this weekend :wink: ) a standard tube should be fine.

I’m NOT with Phil (respectfully :wink: ). I adjust my tire pressure to what i feel will be most applicable to the ride as a whole. I almost always break away from the main trail when i see a great trials line. Or sometimes the trail itself will change from sandy to jagged rocks. Whatever the case, I would be uncomfortable riding the majority of the trail at the peak pressure for handling the rocks. When it does come to the rocks (or water bars or roots) i may be slightly under pressured but well enough off for the most part. But there is always the chance that i will chose a bad line or screw up a line and bottom out. Thats where i like to be sure im running a DH tube. Otherwise itd be a long walk back to my car.

Ive been using the same DH tube for 3 years or so and had a few holes. Most of the holes are from repeated pinches (and one from the rim strip slipping out of place). Also most of the holes i have gotten have been very slow leaks so i was able to finish the trail without any problems. If i had been running a regular mountain bike tire, id be patching tubes more than id be riding.

i say go with the DH tube cause i have a leak in my standard tube and i dont do a lot of hardcore drops and such. I also dont really ride in thorny places so idk where that puncture came from. So yeah i would say get the DH tire.

yeah, just get it. I have a normal tube and a DH tube, and the DH is much beefier!

Yeah you should get the thicker tube. It pinch flats a lot less easily. Some people have problems with flats, some don’t. I get them once in a while, even with the DH tube. You’ll save yourself frustration in the end with the thicker tube (it takes like 20 minutes to take a GAZZ off and put it back!)

Yeah, go for the DH. I haven’t ridden one that wasn’t a DH, but I can’t imagine stepping down in quality from a 1.5mm Gazz DH tube, of which I’ve had three in two years.

An extra thing you might want to consider is putting a hole fixing compound in your tire. I’ve run the stuff since I put 12 holes in my first DH tube, and have had far fewer flat tires since. Slime is a good quality product that I have found works very well. www.slime.com (Even works if it’s been frozen, which is a bonus for us Canadians)

I rode a muni with a slimed wheel before and the wheel felt very heavy and wasn’t as responsive as my wheel. The only differences were he had a lighter tire and rim than my muni. The slime adds a good bit weight.

I run a Large Marge rim, which makes the wheelset heavy to begin with, so I got the smart idea to try and run a 24X3 Specialized “lightweight” DH tube, and blew three of them out in three rides. I went back to the robust DH tube with the nut on the threaded stem and haven´t pinch flatted in three months.

If you´re on the rocks and doing drops over three feet, nothing but the burly tube will last long, IME. And it just blows to be changing tubes on the trail.


Ok Thanks guys.

Update: All my parts came today and ill be rippin up the trails by next Friday!!

I bought about 3 cheap tubes in 2-3 months. They suck. I bought a DH tube 3 months ago, and havn’t given it another thought. Also, make sure you get the kind with a nut on the valve stem. It’ll avoid tire slippage when riding at low air pressure.

hmm just to continue the subject… i have used 3 tubes in the last 3 months ( i ride through sticker-burrs a lot) … the last of which had at least 10 patches on it and even had patches on top of patches

i jump off walls 5’ high and i never have problems pinch flatting my tire then, only when i do long jumps w/ wayy low pressure does it pinchflat

Do you do long jumps foreward or to the side? If you do 5them to the side you pinch flat because the tire folds. And if you do it forewards im not sure why it would pinch flat…Hmm, anyone care to speculate?

sounds like a lot of time spent patching tires, which on a unicycle…SUCKS

Even if you forward hop, the rim can pinch the tube on both sides, or the tire may still fold to one side or the other. I’ve pinch-flatted many times with forward hops, on some regular tubes and some DH tubes. The best prevention is (as always) good landing technique.

I’d show you a picture of forward-hop landing compression, but there’s no gallery at the moment.

using a regular 24" tube in a tyre as big as a 3.0 gazz is just dumb, since the rubber is paper thin by the time its pumped up to fit the tyre.

how-ever i never used those lead heavy DH tubes, i put in a 26x2.215 tube…that worked great since a 24x3 gazz is big enough need larger diameter tube.

(seems like i post this tip all the time)

Well i havent seen it before so thanks for posting again. I’ll keep it in mind. :slight_smile: