24inch street tires?

In the absence of Dyno Fireball 24X3.0 Tires - what, if any, substitutes are people using?

I want a fat[ish] 24inch “slick” tire that goes well on pavement but has plenty of “bounce” [for comfort at the moment but soon for hopping]

There must be something out there in the 24X2.0 - 3.0 range that is good for street [flatland/trials etc] riding… any clues?

my best find so far would be the Maxxis Holy Roller but it’s only a 1.85…

I use the Maxxis Ringworm on my 20inch with great results [really fast at 110psi!]

Being a bit of a big bloke - i feel the need for some air down there…


bonehead wrote:

Foss suggested to me that the Kenda Kolossal 2.6 DH Tire (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=2&subcat=33&cat=Kenda+Off-Road+Tires&L2=Tires%2C+Tubes%2C+Rim+Strips+and+Valve+Caps&L3=Tires&L4=Kenda&L5=Kenda+Off-Road+Tires) was a little better than the Gazzaloddi for
‘mixed’ use. Obviously it’s not ‘slick’ as you put it.

The only 3 incher left seems to be the Gazz.


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In a nutshell, there’s little out there for 24" slick tires. The closest I’ve come is the IRC Metro 24x2.0" slick. There are also recumbent tires, which are high pressure and slick but skinny at 1.25". With the exception of the Fireball 24x3.0", all others I’ve seen are semi knobby or full knobby.

This lack of 24" slicks may come from history. The 24" size was a hit with the downhill bike crowd, so there’s where you have the most selection: knobby tires. Obviously a downhiller would never use a slick, or would never live to tell us how bad his tires were.

There are many slick tires in 26". They’re high quality and inexpensive, but you cannot put them into a shrinking machine for your 24". I use a Tioga City Slicker 26x1.25" at 65 psi and it’s got a great ride.

Check out my tire page at http://torontounicyclists.tripod.com/tire.htm for as complete a reference as I can find on 20, 24 and 26" tires.

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