24in to 29in

I am so addicted to the one wheel.
Just got my Nimbus 29in MUNI today. Thought it would be a difficult transition from my Club limited 24. Luckily I did not break the club during my 2 month learning phase. I had no problem free mounting the 29in. I love the way it rolls - so smooth and you feel completely in control. I can go down small curbs easily. This was all but 15 min after FedX delivered it. Definitely travels faster than the 24 but you don’t feel unsafe.

Any riders make this transition? I can see myself getting another 24in MUNI for more technical trails if my skills Improve. But who knows, maybe I can progress to technical trails on the 29in.

Don’t be afraid of getting a bigger wheel unicycle.

Love to hear from other Denver riders.


29" was my second unicycle.
Technical riding on 29" is possible.

My current 24" setup is built just for street stuff :slight_smile:

I also started on a 24" and made the jump to 29er. 29er is my ‘everything’ uni now - I run a semi tyre on it that runs smooth on-road and can be deflated a bit to work great on trails. I don’t ride super-technical stuff like the above often, but I have used the 29er for hardcore MTB trails with a more rugged tyre :smiley:


Awesome pic, thanks for sharing and glad to know that it can be done.
I know Terry the UniGeezer is able to ride technical trails and more with his 29er but he has special powers. I think the Uni is what keeps him so young looking.

Piece Maker, what type of tire do you use for your road and trail?

I just got (Last week) the Nimbus 29 Road uni. I love it. The transition wasn’t all that difficult, and the smooth riding is awesome! HOWEVER!!! I grabbed my 24" and tried freemounting it yesterday and ended up flat on my face on the driveway. Turns out the difference was bigger than I thought!:slight_smile:

Still, Nimbus is awesome. I will be getting a muni at some point,but not sure if it will be 20 or 24. Enjoy your new uni!

Halo Twin Rail

I’ve had a few puncture-related troubles with it, and it weighs more than a small car, but it’s pretty damn awesome for riding trails and then riding home on the road.

Yeah. I pull out my 24 every now and then and I really have to pay attention when static mounting it at first. The smaller wheel has a lot less inertia to push against. It doesn’t help that I also have 150mm cranks on that compared to the 127s on my 29er. The wheel moves nearly instantly unless I do the mount just right. I can be a little sloppier on the 29er.

Folks often have to acclimate themselves a bit to a change in unicycle size. It’s not just us. It doesn’t take long.


Yup. I use my 29 for pretty much everything too. Exceptions for getting the mail, other short rides, and working on new stuff. It’s actually pretty nimble, considering. Idling on it is a bit of an affair due to the large wheel, but I am getting better at that too. In traffic.

Hey, I saw your post and I’m in Longmont. What trails do you ride, or have your ridden trails yet?

I’d be up for meeting at a trail some time. Betasso in Boulder is nice for non tech MUni. It has some nice single track, good climbs, and descents.

Jtrops, I will send you a private message.