24in Stealth Torker?

I’m thinking about buying this unicycle. I’m pretty small 5 ft 1in 118 lbs, and I want to ride some moderate distance, and do tricks. But I also want a unicycle that looks nice. I don’t want to pay too much either, up to $250 maybe 300 if it’s eactly what I want. I am a beginner (just started learning one footed tricks), but I want it to be able to last a while. Mostly I’ll be riding on pavement, but want to be able to go on a gravel/dirt road with bumps occasionally.

So, does buying a 24in Stealth Torker with a Viscount saddle and metal petals sound like a good choice? Any product reviews?

How much difference does having a flat crown make for one foot tricks? The current one I’m using for one foot stuff is rounded and the only problem I’m having is with my foot angling down and hitting the tire and not with it slipping off. And this wouldn’t be corrected with a flat crown anyway.


Re: 24in Stealth Torker?

Perhaps the 24" Yuni Freestyle would work. It’s at the top of your price range, and I think if you’re willing to spend that much you can afford to get something better than the Torker. That said, the Stealth Torker comes with excellent reviews from just about everyone who knows it, but I think in the end most people upgrade and keep it as a “learner” unicycle.

Anyhow, back to the Yuni: it says it’s “built for large riders” but I think you’d be fine. I have a 24x3" MUni that I use for commuting (I have a slick on it for the road) and I know many people ride decent distances on them very successfully. With a 24x2.5" tire on the Yuni Freestyle, you would be fine for some offroading and even more so if you picked up a cheap 24" knobby tire that you could pop on when you wanted to hit the trails in a more serious fashion. I just learned how to one-footed ride with my 24x3" yesterday, so the bigger unicycle certainly isn’t a hinderance (or at least it’s not a barrier) to freestyle tricks.

A flat crown is very highly reccommended and I would say you should almost certainly get a frame with a flat crown if you want to engage in any freestyle tricks (you “need” one, I’m sure it might be somehow possible to do the following without, but I think it’d be awfully difficult, for one-footed idling, riding, gliding, coasting, any stand-up-on-the-frame tricks).


If you are looking for a bargain, nothing beats the Stealth.

If you are looking for value & versatility and you got the bucks the Yuni is an excellent way to go. I test rode the Yuni 24x3 at my LBS (or is that LUS?) the other day, very nice package for the price (short upgrading to a splined hub).

I’ve owned both. The Torker Unistar is an excellent BEGINNER uni. I have a 26"Yuni MUni with a 24x3 Gazz currently. It is really hard to be the quality vs $$ ratio of the Yuni. I would strongly suggest spending the extra $$ and going with the Yuni!!!