24in. schwinn tire compatability?

Will any 24in. tire fit an original schwinn rim,I keep hearing the rim
only fits schwinn tires.It is a older cottererd model.I would like to
get a big apple or something similer.


The older Schwinn unicycles (up to 1983) used the Schwinn S-7 rim. These 24 x 1 3/4" rims are not compatible with 24 x 1.75 tires (a mathematical oxymoron for sure). You might be able to find a tire or two out there, but what you find might turn out to be really old inventory (old rubber). If you can’t find tires to fit, time to upgrade. Upgrading the whole wheel is recommended, as at 28 spokes you won’t get the greatest quality in rims, and your cottered hub is also kind of stone age.

The problem with upgrading the whole wheel is it starts getting pretty expensive. You might consider keeping the old Schwinn to use as a backup/beater/learning cycle, and just get a new one that has modern parts on it.

Old Schwinns never die, they just get heavier…