24in QU-AX Muni + Magura Brake

As the title says, i am selling my 24 muni due to lack of time for riding it.
Its pretty much stock, and i think the cranks are 170s.
Its only been used about a dozen times so is in pretty much mint condition.
I am after $550 for this bombproof machine.
I will give it all a nice clean before it goes anywhere, its not dirty or anything, just gathered a little dust round the rim etc.


Nice MUni… id buy it for a lower price though (I’m hobo poor) :astonished:

mmm i want that seat post.


Sorry, not seperating!
Is it good?

ehh i would just rather have that than my cromo one.
aha its light but has the gusset, but yeh. if you would
liike to sell me the seatpost ill give you… 30??

Come on peoples!
Any offers around what i’m asking? This must go!

Can I have your brakes?

Nope, sorry dude, not takin the brakes off.
Only if i get a reasonable offer for the brakes will i sell seperately.
Plus, postage to Cali would be a bit anyway would it not?

I have not even ridden it yet :frowning:

If it doesn’t sell i am loaning it. I really want to purchase it.

I am out of credit, otherwise i would have replied to your text. I will get some tommorow, when do you want to go for a ride?

How about tomorrow night? I shall bring outlined muni for your look-see-rideage!

yeah sure, what time? i have Stand-up at eight, although not peforming tonight. we should ‘rip’ up the town then settle down for some lols at the loft.

Sounds good to me!
I can get you about 6.30?
What time does the lols finish? I gots work early on Friday…

hmm, nine thirty normally.
that would be nice, sounds like a plan.

catch you at 6.30.

Ahh cool, i shall see you then!

Offers, this needs to be sold… I NEEEEED cash!

I dont, ive snapped 2 of them lol

Ok, so i have an offer on the brake, but will only split if i can sell the muni first… $300 FIRM + Postage - i will NOT post outside of Australia.
So this is $300 for muni with NO brake.

Bump… Come on Aussie muni’ers!
You know you want it!

Ok, I was hoping it wouldnt come to this…
$350 WITH the brake + shipping…
I WILL NOT go any lower than this as this is really what i NEED.

im interested