24hr Muni Race 11-12 July, Upstate New York

The Hardcore 24 sounds like a fun time. I’ve talked to a few other muni’s and think we can pull at least one team together. The race is in Upstate NY, Ontario County Park: 1hr from Rochester, 3:30 from Albany and Toronto, 5hrs from Pittsburgh, 5:30 from Montreal and NYC.


I’ve heard from the race organizer that they’d be happy to have Uni’s. It sounds uni-friendly with ~ 75 total mtb riders (not too crowded) on the ~8mi course (not too long) at once. They estimate a 1hr ave mtb lap time (estimate 45min fastest), meaning it shouldn’t be too technical. Overall sounds similar to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous race a few of us have done in Ontario,.

I’d like to shoot for at least one team of 4, Who’s in?


This sounds epic, that is if I am physically able to do it. It’s possible that I could attend but I kinda doubt it. I’ll be moving to Moncton NB soon and that’s a 10 hour drive away from this. So if there if there isn’t anything going on and I can find a way down there I might just do it. I still doubt it’ll happen but I wanna go.

Thanks for the link Ro.
I was hoping to do a DH muni weekend of some kind that weekend, but if not this is a really good plan B. Sounds fun indeed.

Sounds like fun. Would it be OK on a 24? I do not have a 29.

MUni friendly DH Park in Southern NH

I’ve Been going to a DH MTB Park in Southern NH. that welcomes MUni Participation. 7 Visits NOW! Sick DH MUni, and all U or anyone Can handle for 20" trials. Stunts Galore, and awesome Burm-ed up single track thats awesome for 29ers. And chairlift rides up, just the down! Check this link out for more info.

I can easily arrange a Day or weekend for Quebec, NH, Maine, NY riders. I know the Owners well, and they know me as I’m the Only rider they know of…
Until we put this together. Care to Chime in Van Paun, you’ve been there?

This sounds cool. I haven’t done a ski resort yet, but wanted to this summer. There are a number of resorts closer than that, but if there’s a group of uni’s going I’d be interested.

Highland Mtn.about 5hrs from Albany

Probably 5hrs from Albany, So I think I’d want to plan ahead for some the NY and Canada rider traveling so far. I’ll talk to the owners and seewhat day/weekend they might suggest,and then put together a few places to stay so U don’thave to do that all on their own. You have a brake on your MUni?

Not a must have,but quite a bit of steep armored sections that a brake significantly helps. Anyone else you know from upstate that would be into this kind of trip?:slight_smile:

Not quite as hard, but there’s a 6hr mtb race in Schenectady, NY on Sunday, June 07, 2009. We’ve muni’ed this many times, its a great course. I’m up to 80% sure I’ll do it.

Ok, looks like we will have at least one team of Muni’s at this 24hr race with me, Vince and An’So. A number of others are considering. If we could get 6-8 riders we could do 2 teams, which would be fun.

anyone else interested?

Racecourse posted here
6.6mi loops, 835ft elevation

Someone else’s up to it?
Ideally a fourth rider would help us with being able to walk again the next monday :slight_smile:

Hard Core it was

Vince and I rode as a 2-man team in the Hardcore 2hr mtb race last weekend. We arrived just before start time and Vince too the first lap while An’So and I set up camp around a picnic pavilion. An’So couldn’t ride because of a bum elbow but offered good help and encouragement during the ride. The two of us staked out my big tent, and unloaded the cars while Vince rode the first lap.

The course was ~7mi of recently cut single track. There were no crazy climbs, but a constant up/down, including some very fun, somewhat technical downhills. Not many obstacles to hop, but some very narrow track to navigate, which kept things interesting. Since it was new, much of the track had soft dirt that would turn into a major issue before the 24hrs was over.

The fastest bikes finished in around 40min, Vince came in around 70min. I was keen to try the course on my 36er (165cranks) and headed out on that even though Vince recommended it was more a 29er course since the ground was so uneven. He was right, and I had to walk it up a number of shallow up-hills that would have been rideable on a 29er. But it was fun on the downs and other sections.

A storm came up 1/2 way through my first lap, big winds and rain that blew my tent away and knocked power out to the county park we were in. I finished my lap in 73m and Vince headed right out for his first mud lap. I’m not sure his time here, but it was slow. By the time I went out for my 2nd lap the rain had stopped but all the bike had totally chewed up the soft dirt and I found most of the course unridable even on a 29er. I probably walked 80%, but still managed to pass a few slower bikers who were also having trouble in the mud, and finished in 1:41.

Vince was ready to head back out but I suggested we take a break for dinner and let the trails dry up a bit. A batch of spagettii and chili later the trails were better and I think Vince had a reasonable lap. I went out for my 3rd lap around 9pm in the dark. My new light was working great, and the trails were improving. But about 1/3 of the way in I got a flat. I hiked back and grabbed Vince’s 24, then returned to where I left off (thank you GPS watch) to finish the lap. Shortly after I started riding the rain started again. Not a lot, but enough to grease up the mud again, forcing me to hoof it again. I made it back quite grumpy around midnight and warned vince not to expect great things as he headed out for his 4th lap - hard core!

I decided not to push for another nocturnal mud-walk so tried to sleep. The other bikers coming/going made that a little difficult, but I got a bit of rest. Vince had a tough night lap, I think it was >2hrs. I got up at 6am, had pancakes with An’So, and was on the trails before 7. The morning sun was out and cheered me, the mud was on the decline, and the wide 24’ tire was like a tractor cutting through it. I was feeling some fatigue from the race, but had an enjoyable lap in ~1:40. Vince took his 5th lap in about the same time and tagged me in for my 5th lap at 10am. The course was better still, and the last 2 mi were particularly enjoyable - knowing they would be my last.

We each did 5 laps, earning us 3rd place (out of 4) in the 2-man Mens category. I don’t think any of the bikers had seen muni before. All were curious on the first day, and super impressed to see us still riding the mud the morning after. When putting together the awards, the organizers didn’t initially realize that our team was the unicyclists. When the called us to get our trophy they realized it and were like 'wait, you’re the unicyclists? - wow!" I think we got the biggest applause of the ceremony…or at least as much as the crazy solo mtb’er who did 19 laps!

Picts on flickr

Excellent Guys! Nice Write up and kudos on finishing the 24hrs with all body parts intact, and actually beating a twosome with gears! Congrats!:slight_smile:

Great effort and a great write up,thankyou.:slight_smile:

Nice one. How many people were in the race? (only four teams in the men’s pairs sounds a bit low). Well done for beating some bikes anyway :slight_smile:

Where was the mud? All looks pretty dry and clean in the pics.


Congrats guys, inspiring stuff! One day would love to try a 24 hour event one day.

I’m not sure on the exact number of riders, but they had a lot of catagories (age/# per team). I’d guess maybe 25 4-person teams, 10 2-person teams, and another 15 solo riders. It was a good number, enough that it felt busy, but not soo many that we were getting passed all the time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t work my camera in the mud, Maybe An’So has a picture of vince coming off his 2nd lap - he was covered!