24h Record 1991 with 26" Unicycle

Date: 26.10.1991- 27.10.1991
Location: Kreuzlingen - Switzerland
Wheel Sitze 26"
Crank Length: 130mm
Saddle: “ouch ouch ouch ouch ooouuuuuch”
Distance: 279.274 km

Printed in the German Guinnnessbook of Records 1993


so ur sayin a guy rode 247 km’s with a 26"er??

it’s not just “a” guy, that was unikum aka stefan himself! :astonished: :smiley:

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New Link to the Video

Wow 279km/174 miles on a 26er with 130mm cranks, that’s still very impressive !


Really impressive is to ride 24h with this saddle :wink:

WOW!! I hope your crotch has recovered since then. That was quite the epic ride! It’s good to see these videos from back in the day, when 26" was almost as big a tire as we could get, axles were weak and we rode in different ways. Thanks for posting the updated links to this and your Giraffe Hour Record!