24h mtb race with muni june09


there is always a 24 hour mtb race in davos switzerland. for next year i asked the oranisators if it would be possible to participate with muni, and we are welcome! we’ll be there with a team of four, and it looks like sandidy will come also with a team.

who else?


now we’re in! i payed the money, it looks like some german teams will be there too… :smiley:

almost there!
we’ll start this saturday at 2 pm. we’ll be 3 muni teams with 4 people and one with two. it’s all offroad, a lap is 7km and 200 altimeter.
we trained for this quite a bit. i’m not sure yet, if the route will allow me to use turtle’s V, i don’t know how technical it will be.
i’m relly looking forward for this great event and also for meeting the uni guys from switzerland and germany!

Sound fun! 7 km is short enough to ride your “regular” muni for a lap and then you can switch if it’s not too technical. Good luck! Ride fast!

thank you! and yes in the morning we’ll have got enough time to do a warm up lap to see which whell will work best. we’ve got all of them (except 36"): 24", 26", 29" also the 29" with schlumpf hub.

the weather shouldn’t be that bad, looks like saturday afternoon there will be some rain…

here is an article about the race (in german): http://www.124davos.ch/images/stories/davoser_zeitung_vom_23.06.09.pdf

Good luck for the race. You can’t have a 24hr race without rain - it’s not allowed :slight_smile:


Yeah good luck, especially for the pair! 14 riders is possibly the most unicyclists that have rode a 24hr race at once, anyone know if there’s ever been one with more?

I saw your post in the Mountain Mayhem thread, forgot to reply before but my top tips would be:
Eat loads (I got cramp on my second lap because I didn’t eat enough after the first).
Get to the changeover on time (my team at Mayhem would possibly not have come last if I hadn’t been late twice:o).

thanks for the good luck wishes and the tips! about eating: i ate the last three days loads of spaghettis i hope that will last for a while.

about the 14 people i’m not sure, it looks like one of the 4 riders team from switzerland can not be there, maybe we’re only 10 of us…

the other teams are already ind avos, we’ll be there tomorrow morning.

yes we had rain!

not a lot, but the night was wet!
and we lost the battle against the other team of four! they were two laps ahead at the end! congratulation!
we did 36 laps: 252km! the others had one lap more and at the end the better time…

there was also the couple team and the guy of them (flo from germany) did 18 laps in 14 hours 38 minutes: 136km!!! :astonished:

my good parts were: the fastes lap: 28 minutes (4 min. faster then the second) and my lap average time was a little under 31minutes (almost 6 minutest faster the the second), i did 10 laps, the others of my team 8 and 9!

it was a great race! congratulation to all the muniriders!!!

Nice one! Impressive number of laps - especially for the pair. What size unicycle did you end up using?


there were all kind of sizes: 24", 26", 29", 36" and turtl’s V (29" geared)

jogi with the 36" was very fast but he had to walk some uphills, the best choice i think was the geared 29" which i used. for the first for laps i used the V-frame, but in the night and for the rest of the race i put the geared wheelset in a noerml 29" kh frame with the t-bar handle (kh). i just felt safer on that setup espacially for the downhills (singltrail), i also had a nice upd with the v-frame in the evening (first lap with light): high gear, dowhill, highspeed: fortunately i could roll over my left shoulder so i didn’t hurt at all…also the handlebar didn’t get in the way…

here is the ranking (over all): muni teams: rank 60, 61 and 68 (couple)

Those results seem very similar to what we tend to get in 24hr races here - unicycle teams doing about half the laps of the best bikes. The main thing that ruins our competitiveness if if there’s too many long fast downhills.

Are you going to make it a regular event?


i’m not sure yet, i think all the others will make it to a regular event…

there was a professional photographer team at the race, the pics are not online yet, only the gallery “best of” and those two pics are also in this gallery (1. Anita, 2. Sandy):

Well done to all of you, that’s some serious distance!

Congrats to everyone who raced! look forward to seeing more pics of the event.

finally got time to sit down and tell you something about our 24hour race.

i must say it has been a wonderful experience. i’ve been riding for 4 full years, it’s my 2nd 24hour race and davos124 2009 was one of the most exciting experiences in my unicycling career.

everybody cheered us during the whole race: the bikers, the public, the staff so i never felt alone on the track even at night.

the track was wonderful 'cause it had everything in it. for the first lap we had to run from the changing zone to catch our munis which were on the road allready. so the race started off with a long uphill on an asphalted road but not steep if not 2-300m of it. it became steeper just after a sharp turn on a dirt road which finally lead to the first part of downhill. i guess the first uphill must have been a couple of km long. then descending on the dirt road to a steep and bumpy single trail dropping off on the dirt road again to the next uphill section which was short but tuff. climbing on a sloped field with some bumps on the trail (i must say i didn’t manage it up during three of my four night laps). the next 500m where on a single trail in the fields and that was quite bumpy too then a dirt road going dh lead us through the change zone passing over a big ramp. time to be seen from the next teammate to ride and we were off onto the first uphill, riding the first couple of hundred meters before disappearing into the woods where a short lap ended the race. last short bumpy uphill and single track dh, and then arrival on a very slightly ascending single trail.

weather could have been better but could have been worse and everybody was happy the sun didn’t shine too much. temperatures were fantastic, even if a bit cold, it was ideal to race. unfortunately a very light rain fell during the night getting the whole track wet and some sections unrideable for us.

but by 2pm on sunday the track was dry and the sun came out to heat the tent where the prize giving had place.

so, thanks to all of the unicyclists who took part (philip, jogi, marco, markus, marc, valentin, julia, anita, florian), to our team helpers (elke, reinhard) the cyclists who have all been very fair with us, the organizers and the weather!

hope we’ll manage to get even more teams in next year, in mendrisio or davos!

some small pics from the “professionals” (on the pics is flo from the couple team (from the others there are almost no pictures because ou number wasn’t at the front…

finally some pics from elke (thnaks to her):

Wow, just saw this thread. Very nice. Congratulations! Would love to see more photos.

As for the most riders, in 2005 at the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, we had 13 (3 teams of 4 plus a solo). At Redbull that year, we had at least 12 too. We had 12 at the NZ Moonride 2004 and also at 24 Hours of Adrenalin in California in 2003. So 14 is possibly the max.


a few more pics: