$240 custom trials unicycle

Koxx saddle
kh post
roundcrown frame for big street or trials
quick release clamp
KH hub
KOXX cranks
super light and strong double butted spokes
maxxis tire
koxx pedals



Is that an impact frame? willing to part it out? I’m interested in the frame, cranks and pedals :).

ill buy whole thing for 200

haha no… its a nimbus round crown

for u a special price… 500 dollars


someone please buy this…this is such a sick Uni!!!
If i had the money Joe, i would buy it lol!!!

lol i know dude, im basically giving it away! people r crazy. check this out… this happened two hours ago when i ate lunch…

I ordered a cheeseburger today at carls jr… two for one right? i said… to a guy “hey what u ordering” he wants the same thing im ordering right?..

I said, dont worry ill pay for one, ill get another for free and u can have that free one. that way you dont have to pay for anything. sound good?

he said “no” and then paid for his cheesburger!

You would want to give a deal to a new dude in the unicycling game would you? im a poor college student:):):):slight_smile:


i just wanted to let everyone kno this is sold now…To me :smiley:

sold! gone! its somewhere between indiana and fresno at the moment

Is this really sold?


yea spazdude why do u ask??

wow would u trade any thing?


if ur talking to me, i have no idea this is my first uni so prolly not netime soon :smiley:

I was checking. The post is still up, so I thought perhaps it might be available. I’m in the market for a new and better unicycle. To the OP, take this down and stop getting people’s hopes up! :wink:

On a side note: Welcome to the ranks of unicyclists! You’ve purchased a very nice first unicycle. The best advice anyone can give you is just to practice a lot! It starts out feeling like you may not ever get the hang of it, but KEEP TRYING! If you persevere for a week, maybe a week and a half tops, practicing everyday, you can most certainly learn to ride it.

The longer you ride and the further you ride and the more often you ride the easier it will be. Eventually you’ll be able to do it without thinking, and it will be totally second nature.


THI UNI IS AWESOME! great buy thanks so much joe for the deal…BUY FROM JOE!