24"x3" Heavy Duty Muni Tubes

Hi All,

I noticed that UDC does not cary these any more. I used to buy the Gazzoladi and then the Duro ones. Now they don’t have them. Where can these be purchased from? Thanks.

You can get them on municycle.ca http://www.municycle.ca/duro-24-x-30-heavyweight-tube-p-431.html

I use a 24x1.5" tube in my duro and it works fine. You could always try that, plus, it takes off quite a bit of weight.

same here, a regular bike tube will work great, loss of weight and better rebound

why would you prefer more rebound?

I normaly go to my local bike shop and ask them to order one or two for me, they can order all kind of tubes (even 20x3" for Trials!). You should check with you LBS, it could end up cheaper than UDC!

i like the way it feels, if not enought it feels draggy, if its to reboundy you get bucked off and it weighs a TON less