24" x 3" tyre range?

Can anyone think of a good 24" x 3" tyre that I’ll be able to get through an Australian distributor? (ie. a reasonably well-known brand). Also, what should I be looking for in a tyre if I’m planning to do a lot of trials and muni and a little bit of freestyle?


Re: 24" x 3" tyre range?

Regular, square knobbies… avoid directional treads… I prefer a rounded profile rather than a square one because to me it seems more stable.

If I were you I’d go to the local b*** shop and browse their catalogs, asking to see what they can get easily and quickly, and choose from there. Most likely your preferences will change with time and experience, so just pick one that looks good and start riding asap. Even better if they have one in stock.

My prefferenec choice based on less overall cost is the nokian Gazz. This is because it lasts longer, even if it being used for trials. Next for me is the Intense DH, which is a high quality tire, but last decent but less volume. then the IRC Kujo tire is a large tire, but it lasts significantly shorter. it also costs less.