24 X 3 Intense MUni Tires On Sale Now!!!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to announce that we have a special summer sale going on at uniproshop. This is for the 24" X 3.00" Intense MUni tires that many people are using right now including myself. I think it’s a great tire and it’s much cheaper in price than most 24 X 3.00 tires.

As many people already know, mountain b*kers have switched to 26" wheels therefore 24" tires are harder and harder to find. In fact I just checked unicycle.com and they aren’t even selling any at the moment! I hope we can find and sell more 24 X 3.00 tires in the future but I guess time will tell…

We have a limited supply of these out-of-production tires so get them now before it’s too late. Stock up on them if you’d like so you can be sure to have a nice tire for years to come. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m really trying to push these tires but I do think they are wonderful MUni tires and just want to give everyone a heads up that 24 X 3 tires might be very difficult to find in the near future. Also, the price of these tires will be going up in a few weeks so buy them soon!

Check out uniproshop for more details. If you’d like to place an order, email is the best at info @ uniproshop dot com but you can call if you’d like.


Here’s a 24 x 3 tyre still manufactured:

AWESOME Jamey! I’ve been riding with this very tire, and it’s hands down the best 24x3 tire ever! Blows away duro and lasts way longer! And your price is great it’s like $15 less than the duro, which you can’t even get now!

I’m glad I snapped up 5 for me! I don’t know how many you have left, but I’m betting they’ll go fast, especially at your great low price! Way to go and thanks for this great deal!:smiley: Both my Munis are set up with this tire!

Thanks for the info but it looks like those are being sold in the UK so shipping might be high for all us Americans. I’ll check into those for the future to see if maybe we can buy and sell those tires once we run out of the Intense. Although I don’t think I’ve heard any MUnicyclist review them yet?..

That’s also about $50 US! Still way more than the Intense, which is right here in CA, USA! Best price by far, best 24x3 tire!:smiley:

Yep, UK and $50 in US dollar. Yes, and shipping to the US would be rediculous, not to mention it’s already $15 more than the Intense before you even add the shipping!

Mr. Sponsored :roll_eyes:

I bought my 5 directly from the Intense Co., before Jamey got the entire remaining inventory! Besides, at the price he’s selling them, he couldn’t have given me much more off! I thank him for offering this great deal, because now lots of ppl can save a lot on a great MUni tire!

Here’s a screenshot of the ad. Forrest said the page wouldn’t load for him, so here it is if you couldn’t view it:

Dura have not stopped production. They are still producing tyres and UDC US should have more back in stock reletively soon.


Thank you Roger

I was about to sell my KH 24 for 200 $ , but I guess I will keep it now.:wink:

im in the uk and i was wandering what is the bst tyre i can get over here for 24"X3" Muni?

also what is the difference between these two…



other than the 50p

The clue is in the text on the second page you linked

Identical to the Duro Wildlife 24x3" tyre

Halo is just a rebadged Duro.


Thanks for the info Roger! I think Duro is one of the only remaining 24 X 3.00 tires being made right now and I hope they continue making them so we have good MUni tires in the future! Although at $50 a tire it gets kinda spendy…

MuniAddict-Thanks for all the support!

24X3 Tire

In Addition to Duro you have the Arrow Wide Bite The Cheapest place it is sold in is at Chain Reaction:
Chain Reaction

The Intense is a good deal though. I have not tried intense myself but they can’t be bad.

As far as I now know Duro/Halo and Arrow Wide Bites are the only 24X3 inch tires still being manufactured.


GEt The Intense! Lowest cost of any 24x3, lasts long, great traction and handling. The 34.95 price is only introductory I think, so it will go up! And that wide bite measures only 2.7 static, so it may not be a “true” 3.0. Get The Intense! Take it from me, I ride hardcore MUni with this tire and it’s great! :slight_smile:

Man… I don’t have the money right now, even at that price. Oh well, my duro is in perfect condition right now, so maybe it’ll last a long time. :slight_smile: