24" with Dyno Fireball Tyre Carbon Fibre Air Seat w Reeder Handle

I’m selling my backup 24" trials uni on eBay.

The frame is a 24" Nimbus frame with a “flat” crown. I say flat in that it’s not curved but has protruding forks to give extra grip for your feet.

The hub is your standard no frills hub. It’s not splined and it’s not ISIS either. It’s tough enough though.

The cranks are 175mm with caged platform pedals.

The rim is a Halo “Combat” rim. Good and strong!

The tyre is a rare 24x3" Dyno “Fireball” one. These are very light for their size and give very good grip. Just right for cruising along and for trials riding too.

The seat (originally worth way more than just the buy it now price) is a carbon fibre base with inner tube cushion and leather cover. There is a rare Reeder handle on the front and a Miyata bumper at the back.

Overall condition is very good. There’s scratches (it has been used after all :wink: but nothing major at all.

I’ll try and answer any questions here but, things being very busy, please excuse me if I don’t reply straight away.

Meant to add that the auction says UK delivery only… but willing to ship worldwide.

Now sold :slight_smile: