24" Wilder 6160C Alu MUni / Trials with 24x3 Gazzaloddi and Dyno Fireball

I’m selling my uni on eBay. It’s pretty rare I’d say (given it’s age ;)) and I hope it goes to a good home. There’s a couple more pics in the auction.

The frame is a 24" 6160 aluminium Wilder (only a handful were ever built back on 2001) weighing in at 636g. There’s a splined Profile hub and 175mm cranks in a Halo Combat rim with Easton Cully platform pedals. There’s 2 24x3" tyres: a Dyno Fireball and Nokian Gazzaloddi for trials / muni.

The seat is a carbon fibre base with inner tube cushion and leather cover. There’s a Reeder handle on the front and a Miyata bumper on the back. It’s fitted with a Wilder rail seat post bracket which goes in to the frame via a Thompson seat post.

Uni is in great shape. There’s scratches in all the usual places but absolutely nothing to worry about since it’s tough as old boots:).

The links above should give you most of the info I have and I’ll try to answer any questions on here - but things are real busy so please don’t worry if I don’t reply immediately.

Meant to add that the auction says UK delivery only… but willing to ship worldwide.

Cool Muni, I would have thought more would be interested in it. Good luck with the sale. Unfortunatly I don’t have enough money and the shipping would be expensive.

Thanks Sam. There’s plenty folk watching the auction so here’s hoping for an all out bidding war right at the end… I can dream :wink:

Well, somebody needs to kick off the bidding. . .let’s see here. . .“Place bid”. . .

Woohoo! I’m winning!

. . .but the reserve has not been met.

Not for that amount :wink: But thanks for kicking off the bidding :sunglasses:

Somebody will bid it up, at least a little. . .

Clever clogs here forgot to mention in the auction that the Reeder handle is left handed :o. I will happily order the buyer a Miyata handle which can easily be fitted after drilling a few holes in the carbon fibre seat base (it may even have said holes already drilled but I can’t check that until Monday) and have it delivered to your door at no extra cost.

USA Postage

I’m about to fall out with eBay and the UK postal services :angry: eBay won’t let me add in international shipping options and the UK couriers want to charge and arm and several legs to ship to the USA. The best quote I could find for shipping to the USA is £60. If anyone’s crazy enough to pay that amount then by all means go right ahead. I’ve added the amount in as an extra payment option since eBay will allow me to do that much.

Shipping to Europe is covered by the £20 option. I hate eBay!

Unicycle still for sale. That’s less money to eBay, so :smiley:

I’ll look at re-listing it here as I won’t be going near eBay again, no sir.

this uni is beastly:D