24" wheel with cranks, Mad4One and Impact Exceed Ti hub

$150 + s/h

Hoping to only have one wheel by winter time (still looking for a 32H Large Marge 24"!!). So I’m selling the purple Mad4One 24" wheel made with black DT champ spokes, purple nipples, and Impact Exceed Ti hub. I’ll also include the dual hole Mad4One cranks. The hub will need new bearings, as I’ve been riding muni with it for about 3 years now. In May it was making a clicking noise with every upward pedal stroke on the right side, so I stopped riding it for a few months. But then on my most recent ride I realized my wheel was installed backwards. I flipped it around and have had no issues, so I’m pretty sure that was the source of the clicking.

I am on vacation for a week, but I can provide better pictures when I get back. This is the only pic I can find of the rim and the hub (it just has the wrong cranks). The Duro Leopard is not included, but the black rim strip is. Willing to trade with extra $$ for a 32H 24" large Marge rim, if you’ve got one.

Omg. I’ve envied your pink unicycle(s) for as long as I’ve been on this site. I missed out on my last trading post opportunity and I’m still heartbroken about it…

…and I just happen to be working on a purple frame…

If you don’t sell it by Friday, talk to me! Or I’ll talk to you! One of the two!

Interested. PMed

Well I won’t be back to Oregon until 9/15 so there’s time. :grinning:

I’d love to buy that to replace the super crappy wheel in my muni. Put me on the list after emile and foxxyd please.

As much as I totally love that wheel, I’m going to retract my offer. I ended up getting caught up in my own purple custom unicycle project this weekend and need to finish that up before I buy more toys! Haha.

No worries! Because so many people have expressed interest, I may put it up on eBay as an auction. We’ll see…I will be back in town on Wednesday. I can get better pictures then.

For those of you who are still interested in this wheel, I apologize for not updating this post. I am still unpacking at my new place and haven’t had a chance to get to my unicycle stuff. I should be completely unpacked by Sunday evening, so I will get to cleaning the unicycle, taking pictures, etc. on Monday.


I ended up having more time today than I thought!

Because so many people expressed interest, I have posted it on eBay as an auction and am including the Duro Leopard tire and tube with the wheel.


And here are additional pics…even more pics on the eBay listing.

Are the cranks 125/150? If not what length are they?

Yep! 125/150. I think I used the 125 hole twice, if that. They were almost strictly used on munis, so I predominantly kept the pedals in the 150 hole.

Bump! 2 days left!

25 hours left! Only 1 bid right now.

And FYI, If shipping is too high for the winner, I will reimburse the difference via PayPal.

Is the hub disc brake compatible? Are the cranks?

I’ve used an external disc brake system (e.g., mountainuni; and kh cranks should be perfectly fine). Cranks are not compatible with external disc brake system unless they’re internal (disc hub).

So the hub isn’t compatible with a disc brake?
That makes this decision much harder…

It’s compatible with KH Spirit cranks, a disc rotor, a frame with a disc tab, and a disc brake, like any other Isis hub. It’s just not an internal-disc hub.